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In the name of love…

Laying on that examination table trying to mentally prepare for a procedure I never wanted was heart wrenching. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even mutter the words, “I’m ready,” when the nurse asked if I was ready to begin. Truth is, I wasn’t ready for them to stick a 3-inch needle (which seems humongous in the moment) into my protruding baby bump.

At that moment, when I felt the invasive pressure hit my pregnant belly, knowing the risk associated—miscarriage—that’s when I felt an immeasurable amount of love for my unborn daughter.

Those next 48 hours after the amniocentesis were excruciating. I prayed for that kick in my ribs harder than anything else in my life. When I finally felt it, a huge sigh of relief spread all over my body. My baby was still kicking; still fighting to see my face on her glorious birthday.

That pregnancy, my first and only pregnancy, tested my inner strength in ways unimaginable. I experienced the lowest of lows but the only thing that kept me going was the moment where I would be blessed with her sweet presence, holding her close to my heart.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy was consumed with fear. It all began with an abnormal prenatal screening test result that alerted my doctor for the heightened potential for my child bearing the name down syndrome. When I got that call my heart sank to the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t help but to worry. Anxiously awaiting my genetic counseling session, a couple weeks out, nerve racked the whole time.

My genetic counselor mapped out my family tree and then went over my options. I was scared with the unwelcome reality that I rather know than to proceed through the rest of my pregnancy on edge. This moment tested my faith to the utmost degree. I knew deep in my heart that my child was going to be okay but with the doctors in my ear, I decided to do the amniocentesis so that I could know for sure.

When those flawless results finally came back a few days later, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. But the pressure from my doctors didn’t stop there. They then became worried about her weight, saying she was smaller than expected, thinking I wasn’t eating correctly. So after all of this I was deemed a high-risk pregnancy and when my third trimester rolled around I had doctor appointments twice a week. One to measure her heartbeat and the other for an ultrasound to monitor her growth. This is around the time my faith kicked in, and I just knew after all we had been through, everything was going to work out. I knew my baby would be everything I had imagined plus some.

When she finally arrived, my heart exploded with unlimited love, to a magnitude I had never experienced. From that day on I knew my purpose in life, was to be the best mother I could be for her. To be the best person I could be for her. To be the best woman I could be for her. 

She was mine and I was hers in all the best ways. Nothing expected in return but to love and protect and that’s what I have vowed to do from that day forward.

Needless to say, my daughter is perfect in every way. She came out effortlessly and has been the best thing to happen to me ever since. I couldn’t imagine life without her. I couldn’t imagine living in this world without truly knowing, understanding, and experiencing the unconditional love I have for her. Unconditional love is one of life’s most beautiful gifts.


About the Author

My name is Briee Denise and I am the creative mind behind the blog Straight Gurl Talk. I am a novice blogger, military spouse, mother, and grad student. Writing has always been one of my favorite pastimes and I hold women empowerment close to my heart.  With that said, my blog is based on my personal growing pains and life experiences hoping to change the way women think about themselves and reminding them of their inner fire that can never be extinguished.

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Briee you took me through a roller coaster reading your story!  I am so happy that your baby girl is happy and healthy! Pregnancy is hard, but it is always worth all the love at the end.

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Music Monday

Happy Monday! Hopefully you made it through your work day good and can take a moment and enjoy this song! This song was played at our wedding! “You Are So Beautiful” By Joe Cocker

Just listen to those words because YOU, yes YOU are BEAUTIFUL!!!

What are some of your favorite songs?

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Love Story- Guest Blog



The month of February is all about Black history month and love. But, I want to share with you guys, how I found myself and fell in love all over again.


If you have read any of my other posts, I mention how I suffered with depression and anxiety. Those were the most stressful and frustrating years of my life. I forgot who I was, I did not know where I was going nor if I wanted to go, I was hopeless and helpless. There was times I didn’t wish on my worse enemy, I didn’t want to do daily hygiene, talk to family nor friends, I felt like I didn’t need to go to school because I wouldn’t be alive to graduate but,

In 2016 I met this man who became my blessing in disguise, he motivated me and helped me to overcome my depression. He, told me everyday I was beautiful, he helped me with makeup and talked me into going out, he helped me study for my GED, stayed up late night brainstorming about doing business together. We had a lot of awesome ideas too, some may be have been far fetched but, a lot of them was great ideas, like We set goals for each other and tried to accomplish them.

Unfortunately this man is not in my life anymore but, what he did for me changed my life. I continued the goals, I continued trying to change my subconscious mind, I meditate and say affirmations daily. I’m not the best when it comes to makeup but I am learning. Back in the day, I didn’t picture myself wearing makeup or weave. I never thought I would feel beautiful, I never thought I would be able to love myself again.

Everyday when I look at myself there are times I want to quit, sometimes I still think I’m not good enough but I look at my kids and how far I came after I met my blessing in disguise,and I remember I am beautiful, I am smart, I am loved, I am healthy!

Saying these affirmations and believing in them, makes my day go by a little easier, and makes me feel empowered, when I look at the better woman, mother, daughter, sister and friend I became I feel empowered, I feel blessed and I am thankful!

I love the woman I am today, I love myself more now than I ever did. This man was not the only one whom helped me, I owe this to my mother and best friend as well, I love you guys and I love me!!

Author Bio: I am a mother of three, business owner of Mom and a mop and student studying business Administration. I love writing, poems, music and enjoying life.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Daily affirmations is a great way to start loving your self!  I try to do them everyday, but sometimes I forget. Something else I like to do are called “I feel” it is just owning up to how you feel that day. For example, you could say I feel frustrated and you don’t have to say no more, but sometimes its helps saying I feel frustrated today because …. whatever that reason is. I am happy to hear that you had a person that would help you through your struggles and pull you to a place where you feel comfortable again.
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Love Story- Guest Blog

I met my son Kayden in 2014. He came to visit the classroom of the school I worked in at the end of April/very beginning of May and while his parents did a tour of the school him and I sat at the table to do a puzzle. He was a timid polite young boy. He was the absolute cutest kid ever and he was expecting a baby sister. On his first day of preschool he wore a red polo and khaki shorts. I remember him coming in so confident and ready to start school for the very first time.  I told his parents ” I got him but I need you to say goodbye give him a hug and quickly go out the side door, call as much as you want and I will keep you posted all day long, he’s going to do great” When his mother and father left of course he cried but I sat with him. Together we played legos and we talked about his baby sister and how fun it is to be a big brother. He was eager  to know  the new things he would be learning at school. From that point on we clicked. I was his teacher for 3 years. He graduated August 2016 and at that time I also chose to move on with my career. I never imagined I would be spending the rest of my life being a stepmother to him and his sister along with having my own daughter and now a one year old baby girl. Throughout life we are told that everything happens for a reason. I certainly believe that my son and I came into each other’s lives for a reason. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be a mom to four AMAZING beautiful kids and I wouldn’t have met my soulmate(his father). I know I could have written about how my husband and I met and our love story but the one between my son and I is so significant. My son has gone through many transitions in such a short amount of time and through it all he has remained strong, loving, and gentle. Becoming a stepmother was like 2nd nature to me. Im not perfect and it is not easy at all, but I love every second of it. I can’t picture my life without my children. I write about my son because through times that i’ve felt lost and have wanted to give up he has called me just to sit with him even if its in silence. My son has made me feel like more than just a step mom but has really shown me the love that a mother and son can have. His presence has given me purpose through times I have felt worthless. We all struggle as mothers and we question ourselves constantly if we are doing the right thing and the times that I get an unexpected hug, or a kiss all of the questions go away. He is an amazing little human and out of all people I am blessed enough to call him my son and to watch him grow. I may not have given birth to him and I have accepted a lot of what comes with being a step parent but he never makes me feel like just a “step mom”
So lets fast forward to him being 6 years old when my husband and I got married. He was ecstatic and so happy about it and couldn’t wait for us to be a family. Directly after my husband and I were married I moved in and we begin our life as family. I immediately took on the mom duties of the house. We were very consistent and routine. I believe it helped all of the kids feel better about the transitions going on around them and they all adapted very well. My son and I connected through music. We would show each other new songs and listen to them really loud early in the morning on our ride to school. Every time he likes a new song now we listen to it together and sometimes even discuss the lyrics. We are now going two years of being a family and I cant imagine my life any different.  I love my son with all my heart and  thank god every day the god put him, his sister and their father in my path.
I love all my children but I chose to write about my son, because of him that I fell in love with being a mom especially after constantly questioning myself as a mother to my 1st daughter. Because of him I found my soulmate and fell in love with his father who is one hell of husband and father. Everyday he reminds me that I am doing this mom thing right. Him and his sister may not be my biological children but between them and their sisters they make my heart so full.
About the author:
Mjmamaa is a working mom of four, wife and writer. She’s been writing since a young age but through blogging about her life, marriage, parenting and music she has found a huge fulfillment in life. She’s been married for two years and a lot of her blogs are influenced by her every day life and the support of her husband has made it possible for her to have the time and space to write. Before using blogging as a platform mjmamma used to write in her “black book” but always felt like she could be doing something greater with her thought and ideas. Through blogging she’s been able to reach a wide audience of moms, women, and music fans which has been nothing but amazing. Eventually she hopes to venture deep into the world of music and really capture special moments with artists, music festivals, and the amazing things the artist of yesterday today and tomorrow can bring to this world.
Facebook page @mjmamaajournal


Wonderful story Mjmamaa! Being a mom is a blessing! It is great to hear a story about being a step mom because sometimes those moms are overlooked, but are also so appreciated! My son has a step mom too and she is a wonderful step mom to our son. I don’t thank her enough for being the mom when I am not there.

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Weekly Song Challenge

I have decided to take the challenge and join the…

Weekly Song Challenge with Laura

  1. Post a video of a comedy song that you love.

  1. Post a video of a song that has the word love in the title.

  1. Post a video for a song by any band whose name begins with an E.

I challenge @taytayfreshfaces and Byzantine and Button Downs

Thank you for reading/listening/watching.

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Chicago, Sept 2018

Randy, Ethan and I all went to Chicago last year for a long weekend. We took the train which was a lot of fun. The train ride is not too long. Once we got to Chicago it was raining and since it was our first time there we did not know where to go. Once we figured everything out we got a bus pass and went on our way to our hotel. We dropped everything off at the hotel and we were ready to eat. We went to Giordano’s and it was delish! The boys keep on saying that we have to go back soon just for the pizza! After we ate we walked around the city for a while and then went back to the hotel and went to bed.

In the monring we went to the Shedd Aquarium  which is one of my favorit spots! There is tons of fish, turtles, sharks, beluga whales, and much more to see there including dolphin shows! Oh yes, don’t forget to pet the sting rays too! While we were there we had lunch and I tried a Chicago style hot dog. I am happy I tried it, but I will not eat it again.

After that went to the Navy Pier looked at the Ferris wheel, looked at the shops and spent time there.

We then went to the Museum of Science and Industry Science is so interesting when they make it hands on! I learned so much there! It was a great place to spend the afternoon. We did a cole mine tour. That was very informative and interesting. Even saw a baby bird hatch! They were all so cute!


Off to Millennium Park to see the Cloud Gate (Bean) and Crown Fountain. Ethan did play in the water which was fun to watch and we went and go him a new Chicago shirt. After that we went to the Sky Deck and looked around and took some photos. It was really high up! After that we went to the hotel and went to bed. It was a long and fun day.



Once we woke up we got some breakfast and went on the bus to head home from the train station. The train ride was very long on the way home because we had to wait for another condtor to drive. They are only allowed to drive for so long. Randy worked on his video, Ethan did his homework, played on his phone and read. I posted photo’s and read. My mom and dad picked us up and we went to get our dog and go home to bed. It was a very fun trip that I hope we get to go and do again some time and check out other activities that we did not get to do this time around.

Be sure to check out my husbands video of our trip here:

Thank you for reading! Have you been to Chicago? If so, what are some of your favorites? If not, what would you like to do in Chicago?

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Love Story- Guest Blog

My European Romance

I admit I was apprehensive about my senior trip to the Chartres pilgrimage in France. In all of my seventeen years, the farthest I’d ever been from my hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan was to Florida with my grandparents. I wouldn’t have the security of going with someone I knew this time. Hiking sixty-two miles over three days with a group of complete strangers was a daunting prospect for my younger self. I had no idea that this trip would change my life.

It was the first day of our journey and the sunlight soaked French countryside reflected my cheery mood. I wanted to try something new, meet someone new, it was a day for adventure! I overheard a warm, male voice speaking a foreign tongue and glancing around, I found the speaker–a young man, at least six foot four, with hair so blond it almost didn’t seem real and eyes as blue and deep as the night sky. Curious about where he was from, I approached him. 

“So…are you Dutch?” I queried, trying to make conversation. 

He smirked and pointed to the little flag peeking out of his backpack. “I’m Swedish.” 

I started pestering him with questions about his homeland and asked him to teach me some words. Before I knew it, the day was nearly over. Talking with him made the hours fly by. I felt an intense connection with him, as if I’d been searching for him my whole life and my heart had finally come home. 

The next two days were a blur of giddy excitement as we hiked and talked about anything and everything. I don’t know how he put up with my endless questions and cheesy jokes, but he even seemed to enjoy them! Those were two of the best days of my life; everything was perfect. When the time came for us to part ways, it felt so wrong. My heart was urging me not to leave him, and despite us having just met, I knew we were supposed to be together.

We texted constantly the next few weeks, and before long, plans had been made for me to visit him in two months. Those two months crawled by, but during that time, we fell deeply in love. 

The day finally arrived, and I was on my way to Sweden! My stomach was a churning mess of butterflies the entire twelve hour journey. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him in the airport–so similar, yet so different from what he sounded and looked like over our video calls. He was perfect. My first meeting with his family, on the other hand, was a mess on my end. They were the some of the sweetest people I’d met, despite having to put up with my jetlagged self. I actually dropped my salad in my lap at lunch! 

The next two weeks flew by as we spent sun soaked days exploring the islands of the Swedish coast and nights roaming the streets of Göteborg or just staying at home sipping sangria (at 18, I was legal to drink in Sweden) while cuddling up to watch a movie. We even took a ferry to visit Denmark!

Only a month later, he visited me in the USA. My family fell in love with him, and we showed him many of the beautiful Michigan sights, including Mackinac Island. During this visit, four months from the day we met, he proposed. Of course, I accepted! 

The journey to getting him his fiance visa was long, arduous, and cost about two thousand dollars total (very expensive for us). It took seven months total. Being away from him was so hard but so worth it. We managed to find ways to keep the romance alive, whether watching movies together, playing online games, or simply talking for hours until we fell asleep on the phone. 

I spent those entire seven months just hoping and praying that my groom would make it in time for our wedding. We’d planned our big day to be May thirteenth, one year after our meeting. The date grew closer and closer as we waited and wondered to see if he would be allowed to come. Eight days before, his visa arrived in the mail. Five days before, he rolled into Michigan. We were reunited at last! 

Our wedding day couldn’t have been better. His family was able to fly over from Sweden for the big day. Our mutual friends from our trip in France were able to attend the wedding and be in our wedding party. Our day was filled with joy, tears, laughter, and of course, lots of dancing!

We have now been married for almost two years; we’ve had our ups and downs, but there’s no one else I would have rather gone through them with. We have recently embarked on the wild ride of parenthood and are enjoying (almost) every minute of it! He’s my best friend, partner in crime, lover, soulmate, adviser, and the father of my child. He is my husband.


Author Bio

Catherine Claesson is a mommy blogger and virtual assistant with 3 years of writing experience. Catherine, a Michigan native, and her Swedish husband became first time parents to a beautiful little girl in November, 2018. When Catherine’s not working at her laptop, you’ll find her drinking coffee, changing diapers, and binging Netflix shows. She specializes in email management, online content creation, and ghostwriting. You can learn more about her services and check out her blog at


Catherine, your love story makes me think of a movie! I bet your story could be made into one! Thank you for sharing your story and enjoy your little one being little!

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Love Story- Guest Blog

It all started in March of 2010. I was 19 Living in Las Vegas, NV trying to make it big. What better way than to hustle, perfume hustling that is. (Yep you read that right) jumping out of our cars and selling perfume out of our trunks.
I had just gotten back from a week-long trip out of state with the company and they ask if I want to go on another one? Well yeah, I’m 19, of course, I want to go! Now funny thing back then I was quite the introvert. But I was okay with talking to strangers trying to sell them perfume.
On our last day before driving home we all went to the beach. This new girl walks up to me and asks to borrow my phone. I said sure. She took my phone so I could get thrown into the waves by some friends. We laugh it off, then we get ready to head home. Last minute I get asked if I can take someone else in my car. See this extra person was the girl who took my phone. Cute new girl. Ashley’s her name.
On the way home I was talking about a party that I was going to and out of nowhere in the back seat I hear, party? I wanna party! With the sweet soft voice. She’s my age and she’s cute so sure. We exchange numbers and I dropped her off first. One of the main things I remember about that day is we met her mom and she was so sweet reminded me of my mom trying to get ready for Easter…
After we leave I ask one of my friends to text her and ask if she’s gay, bi or what? Her response for the first time in her 20 years of living she says undecided. I get so excited about seeing this girl again I even tell my mom about her when I get home!
Fast forward to the party and I drink too much and literally pass out on the porcelain throne. What a great impression.
Ashley ends up crushing on my friend who threw the party. This friend is a major player that everyone has been hypnotized by.
Fast forward a couple weeks, Ashley wants to hang out after getting broken about the player. I also was crushing on girls but not settling down. I tell my best friend John. There’s this girl really cute and really sweet I think you’d really like her. Let’s all hang out.
We ended up getting together and they ended up exchanging numbers and dating. Cool, I just got another best friend. One night we are all driving home and we got pulled over. John was driving and ends up he had some warrants and went to jail that night.
Ashley and I start hanging out daily, we really became inseparable. At this point, everyone is telling me you love her. I’m like no we’re just friends.
There was an LGBT pride festival coming up so I am so excited I hype her up and we go together. That’s where sparks flew. We had a blast, I took her dancing and it was a great time. In the meantime, John gets out but we’re all still friends.
One night we all go out to shoot pool as a group. We both went into the bathroom together and she jumps on me and starts telling me she loves me, not weird or different at all we are best friends we always say we love each other. This time it just felt different. Then one of our other friends walks in and is like oh sorry hope I’m not interrupting anything (jokingly)
Ashley ends up telling John it’s just not working out… they had already gotten an apartment together so they had to break the lease…one night she asks me over and we go in the hot tub and he decided he was going to walk around watching us. That was the first time we had really kissed.
Of course, our friend’s group split up and everyone was mad as rumors flew. We never let that get us down! We always said getting together was worth it!
We dated, we had our ups and downs. I cheated. We were young. We went to couples therapy. From then we never left each other’s side. We moved to Flagstaff, AZ. We got married before same-sex marriage was legal. We had the most beautiful ceremony and got legally married a year later. I came out as transgender in 2015. All though she was scared and didn’t know if she could “love a man” we got through it. She came to me and said we will take this one day at a time, I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman I love you for you, not your gender. She needed time to mourn her wife to truly love her husband.
We just bought our first house in Northern NJ and we are expecting our first baby in April!
This is a true love story! Everyone sees us as couples goals but I always remind them about the bad that made us stronger together to make it to the good. Love is hard, you have to continuously work on it. Never take it for granted!

Author Bio:

I’m Kristin aka Kris the trans dad behind the screen. I’m a dad of five dogs! Our first born is due April 10th! Writing a blog about the strengths and struggles of being a trans parent. Trying to build a community of parents helping parents.
YES YES YES!!!! This is one super story here! I enjoyed every bit of it and I am so excited to see/hear about becoming parents together! You are correct marriage is not always easy, but with the right person it is always worth it!
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