9/27/21 New Releases

Every Wednesday ZYIA Active has a new release! Today we had a ton and I am so excited to share them with you! ZYIA already makes the graphics and wording! It’s so easy to just share!

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5K Giveaway!!

Oh my goodness!! ZYIA is literally the most amazing company I have repped for! They want you to succeed in anything and everything you do!! Below is there giveaway announcement from Facebook!

Ohhh yeahhhh!!!!!

πŸ”₯🚴 $5k GIVEAWAY 🚴 πŸ”₯⁠
The hottest summer days are behind us, and we’ve achieved trail weather nirvana here at Zyia headquarters. It’s only logical we’d want to celebrate with a new biking line AND a $5,000 🚴 bike giveaway!⁠
All you have to do to enter is purchase any piece from this collection by 10/6. Drawing 10/13.⁠
See giveaway rules at zyiaactive.com/bike for more information, including how to get bonus entries.⁠

This announcement was released yesterday on our New Releases Day! Be sure to check out the most recent releases!

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Follow me at any of these places: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loveinjune16/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jrenfro99

New ZYIA Releases- Oct 14,2020

Every Wednesday is a meeting release and I live for them! I can’t wait for my lunch break to see what the new releases are!

πŸŒ™ Black Flare Light n Tight Hi-Rise Legging
πŸŒ™ Black Leopard Flying V Fleece Jacket
πŸŒ™ Olive Flying V Fleece Jacket
πŸŒ™ Black Mountain Patch Hoodie
πŸŒ™ Coffee Front Zipper Access Bra
πŸŒ™ Olive and Heathered Grey Ascend Joggers
πŸŒ™ Red Not Just A Trail Short-Long
πŸŒ™ Electric Yellow Bomber Jacket
πŸŒ™ Girls Electric Yellow Bomber Jacket
πŸŒ™ Girls Electric Yellow Bomber Short
πŸŒ™ Men’s Olive Ash Cabin 1/4 Zip
πŸŒ™ Men’s Black and Blue Altitude Coat

Mystery party link: https://www.myzyia.com/JESSICARENFRO/shop/EVENTHOME.aspx?eventId=E606710&from=MYEVENTS

This month I will be giving a portion of my sales back to breast cancer awareness!!

Tell me which is your new favorite product from this new release! I can decide between the hoodie and the joggers!!

Thanks for reading!

Big Brother

Happy Sunday friends! Today as a family we went to eat lunch/dinner Red Robin! It was a great time to chat and eat as a family.

After that my husband and I caught up on the current show Big Brother All Stars. Do you watch it? We try to wait until Sunday and watch them all together and relax since then next day we go back to work.

Yesterday after I published my last post I got a notification that I hit 200 blogs! Dang!!!! Excited to see what the future holds!!

Today for ZYIA I reached out to some friends on Facebook to see if I can get some parties going to get the sales I need. I also posted this super cute Sunday collage about the sun! β˜€οΈ

I am also thinking about being a vendor at Where Pigs Fly in April of 2020! It’s such a neat place! I just have to sign up!

As always thanks for reading! I hope you had a great weekend! I would love to hear about it so comment below!

ZYIA Active- Oct 3, 2020

Today I did a live in my VIP group! You should check it out! I talked about how I will be donating to Breast Cancer Awareness. I also shared that I got 2 bracelets for increasing my rank in ZYIA! They are so fun and cute! One of the say JR and the other says SR. Junior Representative and Senior Representative. Up next is director. I need to get more sales for this very soon! I feel like donating to a great cause will help that!

I have also been challenge to sell 10 bra, 10 tanks and 10 leggings by the 15th! There are so many to pick from!

Here are just some of the many bras, tanks and leggings. I would love to help you if you have any questions and join the VIP group to take a look at the live that I did today!

Today we honored Amanda in the group!

What are some of your favorite colors?

Farmers Market

Today we went to the Farmers Market! It was super fun to walk around and look at everything they had. It has been years since I have been. We went ahead and got some gummy bears, beef sticks and roasted almonds. Next time we will get more fruit and veggies.

One of Ethan’s projects at school is having him go out and take selfies of different things around where he lives. I think I am more excited for this project to get us out of the house than he is! Ha Ha!

At the farmers market there was a man that was playing the drums and singing. Ethan brought his own money with him and gave him $5. I was so proud of him today! When someone donates to this man that was singing he howls! How fun and neat way to say thank you!

Have you ever been to the Farmers Market? I think I want to go to more and explore!

Oct 2, 2020 ZYIA Active update

Everyday I plan on recognizing a ZYIA active friend that is a survivor, currently going through treatment or has passed from breast cancer. Today is for Rach! We think about you today and hope that your days get easier! You can make it through this struggle! We are here for you and we will support you!

Today’s there were tons of restocks! Be sure to get yourself something good because well it’s Friday and you deserve it!

I have big goal for this month and I want to donate! Please help me, help others!

Thanks for reading and tell me… which is your favorite restock from today?

Breast Cancer Awareness – ZYIA Active

Happy October first my friends! I would like to share with you some very important information about ZYIA Active! They have done a bonus launch for a very special cause!

Cancer has touched all our lives in some way, so this month we’re spotlighting survivors in their journeys and joining hands with our Reps and their customers to fight for a cure.
Through October, we’re donating a dollar from the sale of specially-marked items to the Huntsman Cancer Institute (U.S. sales) and Canadian Cancer Society (Canada sales) to fund cancer research and treatment.

I already decided before this launch that I will be donating a percentage of my profits too! πŸ’ž

This is what I wrote in my VIP group!

October is Breast Cancer awareness month! I have decided that since this month is so special to me I will be donating a percentage of my profits to Breast Cancer research or an organization for it.

With today being the first very day I will honor my mom! She is a survivor and I thank God for her everyday! She is one of my best friends and an amazing woman! She has been through so much in her life and I look up to her and strive to be just like her!

Diagnosed June 2011 had lumpectomy in July. 37 rounds of radiation, no chemo! Took medicine for 5 years! Been cancer-free since, almost 10 years!

Everyday you will see a new photo of someone that is a survivor, currently going through treatment or has passed.

Starting today and until the end of the month I will be running a VIP mystery host party. When you purchase please pick Breast Cancer Awareness Mystery Host.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them!

It’s been a hot minute!

OH my goodness! It has been way too long since I wrote a blog out! I have so much to share with you all that still follow me! First and foremost Thank you for sticking around! It is my plan to write everyday and/or more!

I have started many new things in my life and I am excited to share. Not only that we have done a big trip before COVID and then a small one during COVID since it has been wayyyy long! So the things I plan on writing about is our Gatlinburg trip, our alpaca farm trip, started selling ZYIA Active, my current reads and about my giveaways I do on Instagram.

I have also considered writing a few books. I am not 100% sure on where to start on that, so I think I will first write it and then look for editors and publishers. I think it would be great to find local ones from around where I live.

Something else new is my husband has a 3D printer and we are going to start a business with it!!! We are excited to get that going and see what happens.

What have you been up to? Has COVID affected you? What is something new/exciting in your world?

Talk to you soon!