Cold…. Get a Hand Warmer

Do you ever wake up mad or really pissed off?
I get really upset, mad, frustrated when I wake up and know its cold out. 
I hate going outside when it is not at normal temperature. By normal temperature, I mean where I can wear a hoodie, T-shirt or jeans or short. I do not like having to start my car 15 minutes before I leave, so that when I get in the car it is, maybe, warm. 
This morning when I first got in my car it say -4 degrees out! Not only was it cold, but are power went out. Luckily it was not out for very long, but I had about had a panic attack thinking about my husband working from home, our son, and our dog and cat. I was so happy when it came back on, it was like a mood changer! 
Now this sounds like a lot of complaining, but it is how I really feel. 
My husband and I have talked about moving somewhere warm and I am sure we will in the future. 
I received a hand warmer as a gift from my husband a few years ago and it has been a lifesaver during the winter months! I highly recommend getting one! They can be found on amazon. Sometimes when I have on gloves and I’m driving I put it between my legs and it’s kinda like having heated seats.
Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you are staying warm if you are in the colder weather and if you like the colder weather… tell me some of your tricks on how to, too.