The Road to Forever Book Review, Author Interview and Giveaway


What the Book is About:

Hannah Gomez has been in love with Ian Salerno since she was sixteen. When her assertive flirtations with him at Sawyer and Karina Bank’s wedding leads to a drunken romp in the bedroom, Hannah is mortified, embarrassed, and no longer a virgin. Determined to put the biggest mistake of her life behind her before he awakens, Hannah escapes with whatever pride she has left.

Ian, Hannah’s late brother-in-law’s best friend, has sworn off relationships forever. Hannah has always been in the background-and someone he has never really noticed much-until now. But after he realizes it was her who shared a passionate rendezvous with him at the wedding, Ian finds he is unable to resist her. But there’s only one problem: he is battling more personal demons than he would like to admit. Now only time will tell if fate has made a mistake by throwing them together or if they will somehow manage to overcome their challenges and find true love.

The Road to Forever is a tale of a young couple’s journey together through obstacles and personal demons after their destinies are intertwined at a wedding.

My Review:

The Road to Forever is the second book in the series (Road Series)! I already felt like I knew most of the characters and I was even more excited to get to know more of the characters in a more in depth love story.  After reading the first book I was so excited to get the second that I read it in a weekend and then I let my mom barrow it to read. We both loved it and do recommend reading it. I was happy to read that this book takes place right after the first, so it was like reading in real life. In this book there were twist and turns that I did not see coming that kept me interested. It go steamy hot, sadness, fights, disagreements, and something that everyone loves, LOVE!

Author Interview: Marla Machado


When did you decide to start write this book?  I didn’t so much decide to start writing a book as it picked me.  I was going through some stuff in my life at the time when I started The Road Back and for me reading has always been my escape, one night after maybe a smidge too much wine, Karina and Sawyer started talking to me.  Most people would seek help with that sort of thing, I decided to write them down.
Did you know what your book was going to be able before you started writing or what was that process like?  Not a clue.  I just started writing and scenarios just started coming to me little by little.
What do you like to read about?  I love a happy ending so I tend to choose mostly romances, but I’ll pick up a non fiction book if the topic interests me, most recently I read the book The Operator by Robert O’Neill, the Navy Seal that killed Osama Bin Laden, and when it comes out I’m going to read Howard Stern’s new book, I’m a huge fan of his and this is a book of mostly his interviews I’m really looking forward to it I love history so my first romances were historicals. I also read recently the book James Patterson wrote about Aaron Hernandez.
How did you decide on your cover?  I didn’t want your typical naked chest on the cover, I know it sells books, as one blogger told me, but I’ve always prided myself on deviating from the pack, and since my book is called The Road Back, I wanted something that would show a road, I saw this picture and just fell in love.  For the Road to Forever, there’s a scene where they’re at a lake so I wanted to portray that in the cover and I just again fell in love with this cover.
When writing did you write on paper first or the computer?  iPad actually, then my computer.  I had a blog for a little while where I would review novels and then recommend a wine to pair with that book, I put the first two very raw chapters up on that blog until a friend told me to put this to a word program and flesh it out because she really felt I had something here.
What is your writing process?  I just write.  Then I take a break and go back and flesh out what I’ve written, then write more then flesh that out … etc.
How many unpublished or half written books do you have?  I have one novella i’m writing that is going to be spin off of my Road Series but that’s it right now, I started book 3 but it’s in it’s very infancy right now.
Did you do any research before you wrote your book? No even a little.
Do you plan on writing a 3rd book and any juicy details you would like to share about it?  I do!  Book 3 is going to be about Emily, Karina’s best friend.  She’s not what you think she is and she’s got some serious baggage … 🙂
Do you plan on writing another series after this one? I do – I have an idea about a set of quadruplets that could not be more different from one another if they tried.
What is your favorite part of your book and what part did you have the most difficulty with?  My favorite is always the happy ending – life can get so serious sometimes and it’s not always fun – but in my books I can totally control the outcome.  I guess the most difficult is knowing when to let go.  I always think to my self “hmm totally could have made that way better”.
What do you like to do for fun?  Reading of course, we live in a lake town so going out on the lake is always fun, going out and having a nice dinner with my husband, hiking, watching movies and spending time with friends.
You can find this book on amazonBarnes and Nobel and Kobo ,
Marla was kind enough to give this book to me for a review, so I will be doing a giveaway! The only requirement I have once you get it is that you have to sign the book and send a photo over so I can update the photo. and keep it going!
Please Comment, Share and I will pick a winner at the end of the month!
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Graze Box Review

Have you heard of Influenster?  Well I don’t remember where I heard about it, but I downloaded the App and then I got an email saying that I could get a FREE Graze box, so here it is! My first one EVER! I was super excited to try it out for the first time! The box itself is cute. When you open it up each snack has its own spot! Then on the inside it has a foldable brochure on why you would love Graze. 

Plus a Get your 1st and 8th Graze box FREE coupon code… I have 4 so the shoot me an email ( and I will give it to the first 4 that send an email.

I tried each of the four snacks! The first one was coca and vanilla protein flapjack and it was okay. I will eat all of it, but I don’t think I would purchase that one because it was not one of my favorites. It left a bad flavor in my mouth.

The second one I tried was vitamin E defense a good source of vitamin E to help protect our cells from stress. It has hazelnut, peanut, cranberry and raisins. It was a good mixture to have in all together and I would eat it again.

The third one I tried was natural vanilla seeds it had vanilla pumpkin and sunflower seeds. It was an interesting taste, but good. This one is my second favorite because I love sunflower seeds! Adding the vanilla pumpkin to it made it made it taste just a little bit different, so it had an extra flavor.

The last one I had was my favorite! Luckily the box isn’t too big because I would buy it in bulk if they had it! It was cinnamon pretzel; it has pretzels and cinnamon honey almonds in it. It was yummy in my tummy! Lets just say this one did not last long, both my husband and I snacked on it and now it is gone!

I did enjoy trying each of these and look forward to my next box. They packages are small so it is a good grab and go snack. You could eat it right after school before dinner, on a car ride to a sporting event, take it with you in your lunch. The best part is… is that you don’t have too much and its healthier than what you would grab at the gas station!

Want to know more about Graze, click here.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget if you want a code email me! (I will update this when I am out of codes!)


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The Road Back Book Review and Giveaway


What the book is about:

It has been a year since Karina Hawkins learned her husband had been killed in the line of duty. Now as she does her best to raise their young twin daughters alone, Karina decides to return to work in another attempt to rebuild her broken life. But when she arrives at a tech company to begin her new role as general counsel, she has no idea what awaits her inside.

Sawyer Banks has never forgotten Karina. Although he is a man with few regrets, losing the love of his life is one of them. Now that Karina is available and he is her new boss, he has every intention of getting her back and he is not stopping until she is his again. Although their chemistry is undeniably delicious, Karina is uncertain if they can overcome the hurt and secrets between them. But when a threat from her past returns and places her family in danger, Sawyer must prove if he is strong enough to stand by her and not abandon her once again.

In this erotic romance, a widow passionately reconnects with her soul mate just as her past comes back to haunt her, leaving them both to wonder if their relationship will survive.

My Recommendation:

I enjoyed this book so much! It was happy, sad, super sad, hot, steamy, interesting and sexy! Pretty much everything I love in a book! I could read this book and imagine it happening, maybe someday it could be a movie! I highly recommend reading this book! I didn’t want to put the book down. I need and wanted to know what was going to happen next. It kept me interested and excited to see how it ended. I needed and wanted a good happy ending. There are some major twist in the book that I did not see coming and that was also part of the fun of reading. Each character in the book I felt like I knew and I can’t wait to read the next book that Marla is sending me.

About the Author:


I was born in New York City in 1977 to Cuban exile parents. I’m an only child so I’ve been reading for a long time, I read my first romance novel at the age 14 and never looked back. At first they were historical and later progressed to contemporary novels.  I have a daughter, a husband and a dog named Zeus and we live in Western North Carolina.


Marla gave me this book to do a review and because I love it so much and want others to read the book as well. I am going to do a giveaway! You heard that right.. A GIVEAWAY! All you have to do is comment on this post to be entered. Also, if you share it I will put your name down twice! So you will get two chances of winning this book!

If you cannot wait to read this book you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo.

Thank you so much for reading.


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Podcasts- Dr. Death, Broken Harts, Over My Dead Body, To Live and Die in LA

I listen to podcast regularly and thought others might like it if I do reviews on them!

I have already done 2 post about podcast before and you should be able to find them, here and here.

The first podcast I would like to discuss is Dr. Death! It is about a Texas surgeon that seriously injured his patients and at least two are dead because of him. This podcast is a must listen! It is interesting and I could not stop listening. Could you imagine! You are supposed to be able to trust this person that is supposed to help you and you end up injured and possibly worse than what you were originally there for! Take a listen and let me know what you think!
The second podcast is Broken Harts its about a lesbian couple that got married and adopted 6 African America kids. On Facebook and to other families they were the perfect blended family and they even gave them a nick name “hart tribe.” If only it was true… this story is about a murder-suicide! This story is heartbreaking and I still do not know the reason why I needed to finish the series. Every time I listened to it; it made me feel so sick to my stomach, but I guess I was looking for an answer. I do wish there was a better ending, but there is not. I still cannot say if I recommended this podcast or not, but I will say is that I had to finish the podcast just to know how it ended.

Over my Dead Body is a podcast I could not stop listening to! It is about two lawyers that fall in love and they have a beautiful wedding with some hiccups. The two lawyers have two children and then fall apart. They have a bad break-up, worse divorce and then a murder case. This story is about pushing people their limits! Obviously since I couldn’t stop listening to it I do recommend people to listen it.

Currently I am listening to To Live and Die in LA. Episode 6 just released today and I cannot wait to listen to it. I have not had the chance, but all of the episode up until this one have been so good. I highly recommended listening to it! It is about an aspiring actress that has gone missing! It is current and recent, so is she still alive? We will find out!

Do you like binging all of the series or listening as they come out? I still can’t decide which way I like it better.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you like podcasts and if you have listening or have recommendations!

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