Podcasts- Dr. Death, Broken Harts, Over My Dead Body, To Live and Die in LA

I listen to podcast regularly and thought others might like it if I do reviews on them!

I have already done 2 post about podcast before and you should be able to find them, here and here.

The first podcast I would like to discuss is Dr. Death! It is about a Texas surgeon that seriously injured his patients and at least two are dead because of him. This podcast is a must listen! It is interesting and I could not stop listening. Could you imagine! You are supposed to be able to trust this person that is supposed to help you and you end up injured and possibly worse than what you were originally there for! Take a listen and let me know what you think!
The second podcast is Broken Harts its about a lesbian couple that got married and adopted 6 African America kids. On Facebook and to other families they were the perfect blended family and they even gave them a nick name “hart tribe.” If only it was true… this story is about a murder-suicide! This story is heartbreaking and I still do not know the reason why I needed to finish the series. Every time I listened to it; it made me feel so sick to my stomach, but I guess I was looking for an answer. I do wish there was a better ending, but there is not. I still cannot say if I recommended this podcast or not, but I will say is that I had to finish the podcast just to know how it ended.

Over my Dead Body is a podcast I could not stop listening to! It is about two lawyers that fall in love and they have a beautiful wedding with some hiccups. The two lawyers have two children and then fall apart. They have a bad break-up, worse divorce and then a murder case. This story is about pushing people their limits! Obviously since I couldn’t stop listening to it I do recommend people to listen it.

Currently I am listening to To Live and Die in LA. Episode 6 just released today and I cannot wait to listen to it. I have not had the chance, but all of the episode up until this one have been so good. I highly recommended listening to it! It is about an aspiring actress that has gone missing! It is current and recent, so is she still alive? We will find out!

Do you like binging all of the series or listening as they come out? I still can’t decide which way I like it better.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you like podcasts and if you have listening or have recommendations!

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