The Very Best of the US update

When I first started this blog series, I thought that I would have finished it by now. I have learned a lot about the different states so far, but we are still not finished because I want a guest blogger for each state to share! So, the ones that are finished are clickable and will take you to the state blog, but the ones that are not I am still working on getting guest bloggers or finishing them up. If you know someone that would like to write about one of the red states please share this with them!





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina Part 1

South Carolina Part 2

South Dakota







West Virginia



Thank you for reading! Please help spread the word that I am looking for guest bloggers for the highlighted states and the ones that are underlined you can click on and see all fun stuff to do at those states!

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Love Story- Guest Blog



The month of February is all about Black history month and love. But, I want to share with you guys, how I found myself and fell in love all over again.


If you have read any of my other posts, I mention how I suffered with depression and anxiety. Those were the most stressful and frustrating years of my life. I forgot who I was, I did not know where I was going nor if I wanted to go, I was hopeless and helpless. There was times I didn’t wish on my worse enemy, I didn’t want to do daily hygiene, talk to family nor friends, I felt like I didn’t need to go to school because I wouldn’t be alive to graduate but,

In 2016 I met this man who became my blessing in disguise, he motivated me and helped me to overcome my depression. He, told me everyday I was beautiful, he helped me with makeup and talked me into going out, he helped me study for my GED, stayed up late night brainstorming about doing business together. We had a lot of awesome ideas too, some may be have been far fetched but, a lot of them was great ideas, like We set goals for each other and tried to accomplish them.

Unfortunately this man is not in my life anymore but, what he did for me changed my life. I continued the goals, I continued trying to change my subconscious mind, I meditate and say affirmations daily. I’m not the best when it comes to makeup but I am learning. Back in the day, I didn’t picture myself wearing makeup or weave. I never thought I would feel beautiful, I never thought I would be able to love myself again.

Everyday when I look at myself there are times I want to quit, sometimes I still think I’m not good enough but I look at my kids and how far I came after I met my blessing in disguise,and I remember I am beautiful, I am smart, I am loved, I am healthy!

Saying these affirmations and believing in them, makes my day go by a little easier, and makes me feel empowered, when I look at the better woman, mother, daughter, sister and friend I became I feel empowered, I feel blessed and I am thankful!

I love the woman I am today, I love myself more now than I ever did. This man was not the only one whom helped me, I owe this to my mother and best friend as well, I love you guys and I love me!!

Author Bio: I am a mother of three, business owner of Mom and a mop and student studying business Administration. I love writing, poems, music and enjoying life.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Daily affirmations is a great way to start loving your self!  I try to do them everyday, but sometimes I forget. Something else I like to do are called “I feel” it is just owning up to how you feel that day. For example, you could say I feel frustrated and you don’t have to say no more, but sometimes its helps saying I feel frustrated today because …. whatever that reason is. I am happy to hear that you had a person that would help you through your struggles and pull you to a place where you feel comfortable again.
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Do you have a love story

For the month of February I would like to do a guest blog everyday. I want the blog to be some kind of love story. It can be about how you met your soul mate, how you fell in love with your job, how you love your child, how you fell in love with self love any kind of love story that speaks to  you. 
There will be 28 spots, since there are 28 days. I will post every day at 9am CST.
The layout will be a photo, story, another photo, about the author, author’s social media and blog link.
My promise to you is that I will share it on Twitter, Instagram story, and link your blog. Please be sure to follow me on all social media and share your story when yours is posted.
Feel free to share this and tag anyone that has a love story.
Please send me an email if you would like to be one of my guest bloggers.