Turkey Trot 

During the month of November I do an incentive called the Turkey Trot! I get 5 participates and then I mail out a catalogs and order forms and let them take it to family and friends over Thanksgiving break. They must collect at least $2000 in orders by November 27. Each person will received $20 in free products along with a half price item and 10% off the order as long as they get $200 in orders. It is just like hosting a party, but not having to clean or prepare that much! What a wonderful idea!!!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Normally we go to Oklahoma and visit my mom’s side of the family, but this year we will not be. My sister is pregnant and has her c-section for this Friday! So, we will be spending time with the family here locally since they will have a newborn. Randy, Ethan and I cannot wait to meet Owen! 

This year Ethan, my son, wants to be able to help cook and so we plan on having it over at my parents house so that he can do that. We shall see how it works out, it is only a few weeks away.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!




Have you ever heard when one door closes another one opens? Well that is a common saying around here and while I do believe that (I guess)… I do not believe that a door has to close for you to start something new! Life gives you opportunities daily, it’s whether you act on them or not.

One super awesome thing about Clever Container is that they give opportunity calls and they do that in multiple different ways and times. There is a conference call (which is free) and sometimes a Facebook event that people can follow along and answer some common questions. Like, What would you do with an extra $500 a month? These calls are always no pressure! We want you to feel comfortable! That is why it is called an opportunity call. 

When you have a company that will work together and help you build your business it helps you learn more and helps you remember what to say when people ask you about your company. It also shows that the company wants you to grow and they will help you build your business into whatevever you want. You have multiple choices hobby, part time, full time- what ever you want!

I will share a video with you from the Clever Container YouTube about joining!  https://youtu.be/deDB0LEcW8s

I personally want to grow my business and build a team. Those that can come to me and ask questions and I can help them. I want to be someone that someone looks up to and say, WOW if she can do it so can I!

Please, if you have any questions at all reach out and ask I would be happy to answer any of them!
As always, thank you for reading!



Appreciation can be expressed by many ways! We did an appreciation event with a few local vendors this past Summer. We had lots of preparation beforehand and also learned how we can improve for next year. 

First, in preparation we decided that each vendor that was participating will bring a give a way and we would do a raffle for it and let the customer choose what they would like. How you got to enter the raffle was by coming, seeing each vendor, filling out a customer card, and/or placing an order.  

We had BBQ food and drinks for everyone that came and large games for the children to play with. Each vendor invited the customers that they wanted to show their appreciation too. We did a few zoom calls to make sure that everyone was participating and getting something out of it. 

The weather showed that it would most likely rain throughout our event, but we were hopeful and we still kept it on. Fortunately it did not and it was a super nice day. The location was perfect we had a pavilion, lake view, and beautiful weather!

Everyone that came ate, checked out most vendors and had a good time. I did not hear anything negative at all. 
Each vendor had their own space set up and I made it a point to go to each one to see what they had to offer and enjoyed meeting a gaining friendships with each and everyone! 

I am excited to plan this as an annual event! 

Thank you for taking the time to read and have a good day!

October- Breast Cancer

October’s special is all about Breast Cancer! You can get the mesh desktop organizer in pink for four dollars with a fifty dollar purchase and/or you can get a pink mesh file holder for five dollars with a hundred dollar purchase!

Breast cancer is something close to my heart. My mother was diagnosed with it and since treatment has been doing well. I will never forget the day that she told me and how she worked her hardest to do both her job and treatment at the same time. She makes me proud every time I think about it! She is now considered a survivor!

When you buy a pink product from Clever Container (not the consultant, the actually company) donates a dollar! I have never worked for a company that actually donates and I am very honored to work for this company and be able to tell everyone about it! We have items that you can pick from that are called our “pick pink”. Those items include clever shopper ($19), File Folders (set of 9- $14), Stuff it ($17), S-Curve Hanger ($8), and Packing Cubes (small $12, medium $14 and large $16) All of the items are pink in Color.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this months special and my comments on it.

Please, check out my website at http://www.clevercontainer.com/jessicarenfro.

Host of the Month

Do you have 3 items, or 6, you want to purchase from Clever Container? If so, I am putting together Hostess of the Month Club that runs for six months. 

Place a $35 or more order each month OR share with a friend to take turns purchasing! One month is your Hostess/Co-Hostess month and you earn the rewards for the group orders. Supplement your month with a Home Party, Facebook party or whatever works for you. Just think if you have a party with your friends and everyone else buys something too then you will get even more rewards! No matter what you get $20 in free products and one 1/2 price item! You pick your hostess month based on the order of those joining the group. When this group is filled, I will open another group!

Also, there are new fall products that are coming out and if you are in our group you will be one of the first to be able to see and purchase! This gives you the opportunity to try out the products to see how you like them! Every month we have customer specials, so you are able to get those too each month if you like!

Think about focusing on one area at a time and if you do six months you could focus on purchasing for each section of the house and getting it organized after you get it each month. (month one- kitchen, month two- bathroom, month three- car, month four bathroom, month five- office, month six-living room)
Think about how you could transform your home to a more organized place for the Holiday’s or when you have family/friends over. 
If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thank you for taking the time to read. Which room would you start with?

RSO- What Does That Mean?

Do you know what RSO means? If not, I will tell you… READY SET ORGANIZE! When you sign up with clever container you get to earn free products and business supplies during your first three months! 

The very first month that you actually sign up is not your first month that is your enrollment month. So, when thinking about signing up with clever container time has a lot to do with it! You will want to do it in the beginning of the month so that you pretty much have two months to work on getting your first months rewards! 

If you sell up to $600 you will receive the first RSO, but if you sell up to $1,200 in your personal volume (not shipping and not tax) then you receive the second RSO too! Which also includes catalogs and order forms! You can never have enough of those! 

These rewards are amazing for just working your business! 

Thank you for taking the time to read. 

New Kitchen Collections!

When I was at conference we learned that we will be able to start selling the pre-fall preview of the kitchen collections! Now that was very exciting news! Also, we got to see each of the products and purchase them! I ended up purchasing the utility station. Every single one of the products in each collection I would love to have! Now I just need more than one kitchen, so I can! 

The new collections are:
The Botanical Collection (black), 

The Basket Weave Collection (matte grey), 


The Contemporary Collection (bronze). 

In the contemporary collection the fruit bowl and two story home are already in the catalog! 
In the botanical collection the fruit bowl will be available September 15. 

Which one would you pick for your home?

Thanks for reading! 

Day One, Conference 

Have you ever been to a conference? If you are in direct sales like me, then you might have. Some direct sale companies have annual conferences. It is a great time to meet other people that have the same interest as you. It is also a time to re-energizer you for your business. This was my first year at conference, so I will tell you day by day what I did. It was an amazing experience. Without further delay lets start with the first day:Thursday: I roll over and my alarm on my phone was going off… beep beep beep… I get up and wake up my son and my hushand. I tell them both get dressed we are going to have breakfast before I leave. I get ready and it is literally taking the boys (Randy-husband- and Ethan-son-) FOREVER. I have the car packed, I am dressed, brushed my teeth and I am in the car waiting and waiting playing on my phone. So, I go inside to see what is taking them so long. They are looking for a hat.. a hat because Ethan’s hair is a mess! We decide its not a big deal and we go eat breakfast at i-hop. Breakfast is one of the only meals that we all enjoy eating and can eat together. We spent some much need time together before I was on my way. I drove a few hours and listen to all of my favorite men! Justin, Bruno, Justin, Ed, Jay Z, Sam. I heard new sons, old song and just enjoyed being alone and able to sing out loud! Now, if you know me you might know that I cannot and I mean cannot sign. Not a single tone what so ever! Sometimes I joke around with my son and tell him if he is doing something I don’t want him to then I say now, “do you want me to start singing?” So, if you have ever drove down in Chicago you know there are tolls. Tons of tolls. I had to have about $10 in change for it. There was a lot of rain the week before and leading up to when I left. One of the roads when I was about 20 minutes away from the hotel was closed off. Why was it closed because it flooded! I had to turn around and go down a different street and if you know about GPS then you know it said, “turn around when possible” Well I turn around a few different times then it took me back to the same street and so I had to turn around again and try to find a different way. Once I got to a road that had tons of cars on it, but it was moving! Then I come up and there is water accross the road and everyone was going through it! Now, that made me nervous and gave me tons of anxiety! Since there were cars behind me and in front of me and to the side I could not turn around, so I decided I would go ahead and go through the water! I made it to the other side without getting water in my car and I made it safety! There was only about 15 minutes left of driving. Once I made it to the hotel and parked! The hotel was big and fancy!! I walk up to check in and there are tons of windows. Of course I am looking through them. Then I see someone I know, her name is Julie and she is my upline! (The person who recruited me to start clever container.) I knew who she was because we do zoom’s which is where we can see and talk to each other! I was so very excited to finally meet and talk to her in person! I walked through the door and she met me and we hugged and started talking. I went and checked in with the home office and received a bag and goodies inside! (see photos) I checked in with the hotel and got a room key I took my goodies upstairs and then unpacked the rest of my car. Once I was done I went back downstairs and talked with Julie (my upline) and checked out the clever store. Inside the store there were shirts, products and discounted shirts! I decided not to buy anything yet, but would later. I went back up to my room because I knew that Friday I had to dress up and I still needed to paint my nails/toenails. I was still doing my toes when my room mate showed up and we hit it off! She is a sweet girl.                    We went and got subway and watched Big Brother together. Chatted all about big brother and clever container and how we are excited to be at our first conference together.                  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog more to come!