#BellLetsTalk Day

Everyone! It is #bellLetstalk day! It’s a mental health campaign to raise awareness. Please if you are suffering now reach out to someone to help.

Some days I could sleep all day,

I don’t get up for work,

I don’t get up to make food,

I don’t get up to shower,

I sleep or cry,

Until I can’t no more.

Feeling alone,

But I know I’m not,

I have family and friends,

But I don’t want to bother them,

Why am I sad,

I have everything I want.

Why am I angry,

I have everything I need.

Why do I care what others say,

They shouldn’t matter, should they.

I am normally a happy person,

But some days I am not.

Just let me sleep and it will be better tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.