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My Second Best Love Story

My name is Meg, and I’m here to tell a love story. This story is a winding one, and like all good love stories, it doesn’t end. This story is my second best love story – the story of learning to love myself. 

This story is an interesting one to approach, because for many years, I hated myself. It’s only been very recently that I’ve been making efforts to fix that. I was okay with my mind until age 11, but I have vivid memories of despising my appearance even before then. It was rare that I even tried to love myself, even back then. I would never like to look at pictures of myself, stating that I looked “ugly”. 

Then came February of 2008.

You know that scene in the first Harry Potter movie where Harry’s uncle tries to prevent any letters from reaching Harry by nailing any place a letter could enter shut, only to find that a flood of letters entered anyway?

My mind became like that, and hit crisis point that Valentine’s Day. The aftermath would lead to my diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, which is essentially the corner wherein bipolar and schizophrenia meet, and would ensure that I would never be free of psychiatrist appointments and therapy sessions again. 

My mind was chaotic, and I grew to hate it. I resented the manic highs and made friends with the depressive lows, which was a grave error. The lows made me feel more in control, sure. They were also the emotional equivalent of that friend who claims to be close to you, only to spill all of the embarrassing things you tell them to their other “friends”. They were not kind, and I would have these mental spirals that were very difficult to escape from. I resented myself for having a mental illness, and beat the daylights out of myself mentally for it, especially as my symptoms turned more bipolar than anything else.

There were times when my mind and I got along. I could throw an album of original songs together in 8 days by the time I turned 19 when the inspiration struck, and I didn’t mind that. In hindsight, I think that was me befriending the manic side of the bipolar egged on by Mountain Dew. In any case, it worked, and I’d make an album every once in awhile. 

My first real attempt to know myself actually came through album-writing. Primrose Path, my fifth album, flung barbed words at God, culture, and the school I was attending, but also caused me to question my Mormon faith. That debate had been raging for some time, but I finally expressed formally in writing here. This opened the floodgates, and a few months later these thoughts laid the foundation for my seventh album, Mago. Mago was the beginning of a journey. It was raw and haunting, with many of the songs building on Primrose’s themes of recovery and self discovery. It is easily my most real and honest album. It took lyrically gutting myself and getting these thoughts on paper to understand where I needed to go. I needed to know what I looked and felt like, I needed to accept and love myself I was to go anywhere other than the state of confusion I was in.

For the next few months, I focused on appearance. I wore clothes that I thought made me look like myself, but something was missing. It turned out that the something missing was inside me. It was me not accepting myself for who I am and owning my story. I was reunited with my high school crush shortly afterwards, who would later become my husband. He accepted – and still accepts – me for who I am. He pushed me to better myself from the start. He won’t let me hold any kind of emotion back, and is always here no matter what I’m feeling. 

The next big breakthrough came when I wrote a blog post called “Best Dress, or I Can’t Remember What I’ve Forgotten”, in which I opened up about my mental illnesses. I haven’t looked back. 

I know that my journey is just beginning. Writing helps me figure out what I need to do and to process my world. I have the support of kind people in my life. Learning to love myself has been a quest to give myself permission to mess up and be vulnerable, but also to relax and reevaluate when things get hard. It’s difficult because I don’t give myself these gifts a lot of time. I’m the worst at taking advice, and this often includes advice I give myself. It’s a journey. The thing I try to remember is that it’s okay to be flawed, it’s okay to be human, and learning these things is a journey. Being myself is my goal today – and always.

Meg Jam is the oddball behind Byzantines and Button Downs, a blog simply about coming home. Meg is 21 and loves her husband and her Mountain Dew. They live in Alaska.

Instagram: @byzantinesandbuttondowns



twitter: @buttondowndeity


Meg, I hope you continue to write because I believe that you can help others! Your husband sounds like an amazing guy for you. I hope that he continues to push you, to be you. You are your journey and great things are going to happen! Be you and enjoy life as much as you can.

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Music Monday


The first Monday of February it is! The next four Monday’s I will be sharing with you songs from our wedding that we had because well this month is all about LOVE! The First one is “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

Please enjoy! Let me know if you like the song too!

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Love Story- Guest Blog


I can still remember the day that I met him, although I know he doesn’t. It was a day that everyone in kindergarten looks forward to: the day we are assigned to an 8th grade buddy. Getting assigned to an 8th grade buddy when you are in kindergarten is a big deal. We went to a Catholic school and your 8th grade buddy would escort you to church and take part in activities with you during the school year.

Joe was easily the tallest boy in the 8th grade class. He was near the back of the line with a friend of his named Austin. One by one we were paired off with our 8th grade counterparts. Some how that day I was put toward the back of the pack and ended up being the last one assigned to a buddy. It was just my luck that there were two 8th graders left (Joe and Austin) and just one me. I was the only one in my kindergarten class to say that I had two 8th grade buddies that year.

There were a few things that year that stand out to me. Joe and Austin always made me laugh. I have a vivid memory of sitting in church with them and looking over and realizing that Joe was falling asleep in the pew. Austin realized it around the same time and did something to startle Joe out of his impromptu nap causing him to let out a big gasp that was heard by both our teachers which caused me to belly laugh.

Another fond memory I have is gathering leaves during the fall with them for a project. There was a leaf I just couldn’t reach and Joe was nice enough to lean forward and grab it for me. While I can’t remember every interaction, the ones I remember always bring a smile to my face. Once he graduated, it would be quite a long time before those memories would come back.

Fast forward nearly 20 years. I was clicking through Facebook one day and to my surprise Joe’s name came up as someone I might know. I instantly messaged him and asked him if he was the same “Joey” that I knew in kindergarten. He immediately told me that he no longer goes by Joey but he was in fact my 8th grade buddy. From that day on, Joe has always been in my life.

Today, Joe and I share two beautiful children. Our story has not been easy. We continue to battle against consequences of addiction and all the downfalls that come with it. We have gone to war with each other at times and had our moments of feeling like this was the end of our story. But, at the end of the day, I couldn’t imagine having children or being with anyone else. Joe has taken great steps and made amazing sacrifices to keep our family together and we continue to work together every day to give our boys the stable home that is so important for every child. Our boys are incredible. Our oldest is going to be 5 this year and starting his own kindergarten experience. I have to wonder what new adventures will be in store not only for him, but for us in the future.


About Me

My name is Kristen Frolich and I am the proud author of the blog The Reading Revolutionary. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved reading. I recently embarked on a challenge to read the 100 books you should read before you die and write about my experiences. My blog features posts about the authors behind these titles and full book review. I also write about hot topics that detail my stance on certain important issues related to reading.

Please go to The Reading Revolutionary and join my revolution! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest so you never miss the latest posts!


Wow, Kristen! You and Joe have known each other for a very long time, its great that Facebook can reconnect you with those that you knew in grade school! Remember, no story is the same and no story is YOUR story. Addiction is hard, but is very rewarding after recovery. Blessings!

Please be sure to check out Kristen’s social’s and her blog about her journey of reading!

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Love Story- Guest Blog



“Do you remember when we met?” he asked me intently, as we thumbed through photos on our phones from our early years of dating.

“Yeah,” I said, not paying too much attention. “It was in marching band in college.”

“No, it wasn’t,” he said.

I sat up from my slumped position in bed, searching him with an inquiring eye.

“Uh, yeah we did,” I answered back in a matter-of-fact tone.

“No, we met in jazz band.”

“Potato, potahto,” I answered back.

After that short exchanged, my husband Jonathan gave a rather detailed description of the day he sat in on jazz band rehearsal at the college where we met. He remembered being nervous as he unpacked his trombone and sat in the second seat from the right. He didn’t want to mess up the trombone part, especially because he was the only trombone player in the room.

“It didn’t help that I was sharing music with a pretty girl,” he said with a smile, concluding his recollection of the memory.

A choir of “awws” followed his lovely recount. I couldn’t believe how much he remembered about that day. All I remember was sitting down in the last seat on the right and sharing music with a really shy guy who was nervous and quiet. It probably didn’t help that the director was asking him to transpose my saxophone music from treble clef to bass clef. He did it anyway.

After coming as a prospect to our college, Methodist University in North Carolina, he joined the marching band, over which I was the drum major. I had a boyfriend at the time, and spent the majority of my free time with my nose in my textbooks or at meetings and events for the clubs I was in or the sorority I was a part of.

But Jonathan slowly became friends with my best friend Tyler. They started hanging around our apartments more and more and, soon enough, we started spending time together as a group. It wasn’t until a few months in to the school year when my then-boyfriend decided he wasn’t that in love with me and asked me to take a break.

It broke my heart, and it happened really early one morning, so early that my best friend who I was sharing an apartment with wasn’t yet awake. My friend Tyler lived off campus, so I called on the only person I thought would help. I called Jonathan.

He quickly made his way down to my apartment and spent the morning drying my tears and cheering me up. By the end of the day, I felt much better. Several weeks later, when my then-boyfriend and I decided to break things off, we were watching a movie together when he leaned in to me and said “Gabbie, I think I like you.”

“I think I like you, too,” I whispered.

We dated for several more years, got engaged, and then got married. We’ve been married for nearly two years now.

The funny thing is, we often get in to arguments about which type of instrument makes the best sound: a trombone or a saxophone. I always commend him for being able to play the trombone, because tooting out the right note is not always easy, since you must slide the trombone slide until you get to the right one.

Playing the trombone may be difficult, and you might have to get the slide just ride to play correctly, but loving him is easy. There’s no guessing. Even when things go wrong, or we argue, or we bicker, I know that the sound of our love is sweet, sometimes silly, but always pure.

And that’s how I fell in love with the trombone player in the second seat from the right.


Gabrielle Isaac Allison is a blogger, graphic designer, and marketing assistant from North Carolina. She holds a Mass Communications degree from Methodist University with a concentration in creative writing. Her favorite topics to blog are Christianity, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Mysteries, and more!


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Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out Gabrielle’s social’s and tell us what you think of her love story! I enjoyed reading and think its great how you just never really know where your soulmate is!  I hope you two live a long, healthy life together!

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February Goals, 2019

January was a great month! Spent lots of time with family and enjoyed my birthday! (Post about birthday coming later!)

I stared blogging more in January and learned that I am doing it differently and liking it!

So, I will make goals for February and future months. I heard if you write them out it helps achieve them!

Blogging goals:

1. Make a #lovestory series with other

bloggers for the entire month of


2. Do a book review.

3. Post a blog Monday, Wednesday and


4. Get more blog friends on twitter and


Personal goals:

1. Go through all clothing and get rid of

everything that does not fit. Too big.

Too small. Should I do an inventory

and make outfits?

2. Read at least one book this month.

My goal for the year is 10.

3. Drink less soda, more water.

4. Work out for 30 minutes at least 3

times a week, maybe more!

5. Less junk food, more healthy!

Thank you for reading. What are your goals?

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Love Story- Guest Blogger


Colt Sawyer

I never thought I’d be that girl. I mean, I obviously knew I’d love my child but I always tended to give an -eye roll- to the sappy post moms would write about their children.

Love never came easy to me. I grew up in home where love was shown by being called names and being abused. I put myself in relationships that were similar to my home life. That quickly went south and I  just gave up on “love” completely. I never really trusted anyone. There were never really people that I knew had my back 24/7 and truly deeply loved me.

Life was getting tough for me. I was broke, in legal trouble, lost my drivers license, working 40 plus hours a week to never see a paycheck, I spent what little money I did have on partying and alcohol. Which, does not solve your problems. My depression and anxiety were at an all time high and I barely even loved myself. I didn’t take care of myself and I needed to grow up.

Out of nowhere; I decided to move from the town and I had lived in my whole life. A fresh start is what I thought I needed. Everything was going great and then boom, two pink lines. Now here I was, pregnant by a  guy I had barely even been dating. I was lost. I had no idea what I was going to do. This is not what was intended. I refused to give up though.

My pregnancy was 100% the hardest period of my life. I suffered from very bad pregnancy depression, my relationship was not working out like I wanted it to, my dad went to prison, my youngest sister passed away, and my younger brother attempted suicide and became 100% blind.

All I wanted was to stay calm for my son. They’ll tell you a million times that stress is bad for your baby. That’s exactly what I did. Jessica, 3 years ago would have straight up had a mental breakdown. I’m scared to even think about how I would have handled that time in my life if I wasn’t carrying my son. I was still so sad and angry though. That time of my life is still haze to be honest.

Then August 3rd came and my 8lb 8oz beautiful baby boy was born. The best mistake that had ever happened to me. From that moment, I felt the love I had needed my whole life. It’s so hard to explain but it’s magical.

He’s 18 months old now and our love grows stronger every day. He is momma’s boy. He’s helped me grow so much as a person. I’ve become stronger and more patient. I’ve learned to appreciate the love that people give me and not expect some over exaggerated love. I’ve learned to forgive. I’ve learned to smile.

My son came in a period of my life when I need him most. He’s changed me as a person. He makes me have my act together and strive to be the best I can be. He makes me love myself more than I ever have before. He saved my life.  He made my life complete. He will always be my true love story.


A little about me-

I’m Jessica from I’m born and raised in East Texas and I’ve always had a passion for writing and trying to make other people life’s easier! I love being a mom, promoting self care, and crafting. You can check out my blog or follow me at


Jessica’s story spoke to me! I was teary eye by the end and that is how you know you have one amazing story! Thank you for sharing and I hope that you and Colt continue to bond over the years! Boys, are so such momma’s boys, even at age 13. SHHH don’t tell my son I told you.

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Love Story- Guest Blog

In Love With The Challenge

Creative writing has always been something I’ve found beyond fascinating. I can remember listening to the stories from my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Martens, who would without fail read our class a minimum of three chapters from a mystery series she had (to my own knowledge) written herself.

Even though she did this right after lunch, not even ONE student in class would drift off to sleep.

What piqued my interest more than anything was the fact that it was her stories that got me out of bed the following morning, wondering where the story was going to go. I was ready to embrace education head on!  Needless to say she was phenomenal at creating cliffhangers that got her students excited to learn.

Over the last few years, however, I’ve become more interested in the genre of Literary Fiction. These are typically the authors you learn about in high school, but don’t embrace on your own until after college. It’s a method of storytelling that can often be cumbersome and confusing, but very rewarding to those who are up for it.

I feel as though many fiction writers are afraid of complex sentences and technically ambitious syntax, but this is what I’ve grown to embrace. It might not always be this way, but currently, it’s what I love the most.

Even the highest mountains are worth climbing.

About the Author:

Andrew Sorenson is a professional writer/blogger at

He lives in Charlotte, NC and loves to dream big!


Please be sure to follow all month long for our #lovestory series! Don’t forget to check out Andrew’s blog and tell us what you think of his love story.

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Do you have a love story

For the month of February I would like to do a guest blog everyday. I want the blog to be some kind of love story. It can be about how you met your soul mate, how you fell in love with your job, how you love your child, how you fell in love with self love any kind of love story that speaks to  you. 
There will be 28 spots, since there are 28 days. I will post every day at 9am CST.
The layout will be a photo, story, another photo, about the author, author’s social media and blog link.
My promise to you is that I will share it on Twitter, Instagram story, and link your blog. Please be sure to follow me on all social media and share your story when yours is posted.
Feel free to share this and tag anyone that has a love story.
Please send me an email if you would like to be one of my guest bloggers.

Cold…. Get a Hand Warmer

Do you ever wake up mad or really pissed off?
I get really upset, mad, frustrated when I wake up and know its cold out. 
I hate going outside when it is not at normal temperature. By normal temperature, I mean where I can wear a hoodie, T-shirt or jeans or short. I do not like having to start my car 15 minutes before I leave, so that when I get in the car it is, maybe, warm. 
This morning when I first got in my car it say -4 degrees out! Not only was it cold, but are power went out. Luckily it was not out for very long, but I had about had a panic attack thinking about my husband working from home, our son, and our dog and cat. I was so happy when it came back on, it was like a mood changer! 
Now this sounds like a lot of complaining, but it is how I really feel. 
My husband and I have talked about moving somewhere warm and I am sure we will in the future. 
I received a hand warmer as a gift from my husband a few years ago and it has been a lifesaver during the winter months! I highly recommend getting one! They can be found on amazon. Sometimes when I have on gloves and I’m driving I put it between my legs and it’s kinda like having heated seats.
Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you are staying warm if you are in the colder weather and if you like the colder weather… tell me some of your tricks on how to, too.