RSO- What Does That Mean?

Do you know what RSO means? If not, I will tell you… READY SET ORGANIZE! When you sign up with clever container you get to earn free products and business supplies during your first three months! 

The very first month that you actually sign up is not your first month that is your enrollment month. So, when thinking about signing up with clever container time has a lot to do with it! You will want to do it in the beginning of the month so that you pretty much have two months to work on getting your first months rewards! 

If you sell up to $600 you will receive the first RSO, but if you sell up to $1,200 in your personal volume (not shipping and not tax) then you receive the second RSO too! Which also includes catalogs and order forms! You can never have enough of those! 

These rewards are amazing for just working your business! 

Thank you for taking the time to read. 

New Kitchen Collections!

When I was at conference we learned that we will be able to start selling the pre-fall preview of the kitchen collections! Now that was very exciting news! Also, we got to see each of the products and purchase them! I ended up purchasing the utility station. Every single one of the products in each collection I would love to have! Now I just need more than one kitchen, so I can! 

The new collections are:
The Botanical Collection (black), 

The Basket Weave Collection (matte grey), 


The Contemporary Collection (bronze). 

In the contemporary collection the fruit bowl and two story home are already in the catalog! 
In the botanical collection the fruit bowl will be available September 15. 

Which one would you pick for your home?

Thanks for reading! 

Conference, Last Day.

The last day was spirit day! Everyone was dressed in clever container colors or had on a clever shirt! Some even had on wigs! We started out with opening remarks and then talk about our new website that will be launching and is super exciting! We will have a wish list option, a frequently brought together, and tons of back office features including a wizard that will help train newbies! The current and new website will be totally different and more manageable. It was expressed that it will not launch until it is perfect and not to worry! I am not worried at all with the new website. Many people take change and cannot handle it, I embrace it! 
After being introduced to new website we then learned about our new comp plan that will be changing when we launch the website. It will reflect more of what other direct sales do and will be adding a consistency bonus! 

We then had a break out session where you could pick between different subjects that you wanted to learn more about on how to help your business. I deiced to go to Success from the start: recruiting Your Ideal Consultant and Creating a Team Culture of Excellence. It was very informative and the presenters gave out the slides that they had at the end of the session. One specific that I learned at that breakout session is to look for your ideal recruit someone that might have the same goals as you. Now remember you don’t just need recruits to build your business you need an ideal customer and ideal host. Each of those ideal people can be different. If you sign consultants who want to work, they will have success. In turn, your team will have success and you will have success!

After break we had lunch which was provided and then did Superhero shout outs! The directors and above decided on who they thought deserved those and each received a award and cape. One of them had to do with their spouse being in the military and the struggles for her. Another one had lost her spouse due to being sick. Of course when they were awarded they went in more detail about each of there struggles and why they received the award. 

The next section was called Making lemonade from Lemons: overcoming obstacles to achieve Success. They had a few different directors tell there story about overcoming their health problems and how they are now in the business and how they worked through it. It was very inspirational and emotional. I will not go into detail of each because that is their story to share, but it helped me look at the bigger picture and how if they can do it anyone can! 

We had another breakout session and I picked social media recruiting: grow your clever family. I do a lot with social media because I work full time and have a family that when have a few minutes I just post of different groups, so I thought I would get some helpful tips there. Which I did! It is very important to stay your self in these kinds of situations when you are talking to a potential recruit. 

We had a break then we played “How Clever Are You? with everyone! Clever Trevor and Michelle were our host. Clever Trevor was in orange pants and a blue shirt! It was very neat because it is the clever container’s colors! There were 4 big boxes on the table and they read of our consultant numbers and the person that they called off got to go up there and answer the question once they got the answer right they got to pick a box. Once all boxes were done they still have clever cash (gift card) for more “How Clever are you?” questions. Guess who got called up? Yup this girl right here!!! When my number was first called I was like, “oh my, I think that’s my number! It was very bright and intimidating on that stage, but I was okay! I was asked: How many months is our RSO period? I said 3 and was correct!! I got $40 in clever cash!

All the fun was not over yet!!! When you go to conference one of the benefits is that you get to see the new products that will be released in the fall! After we saw all the new products they surprised us and said that we get to pick a napkin holder and that some of the kitchen products we will be able to start selling that Friday! It is always excited when something new comes out! Then they said we get one of a free napkin holder and handed out the show and tell bag! It is a bag that has a clear zipper on the front for your catalogs! It is a great marketing bag! I hope that all of my other direct sales friends will want one for their business too! We had a chance to look and purchase all of the new kitchen products that went on sale! I did purchase the Utility Station and it is on my husbands to do list to hang up still. 

Once we were finished we all went out to dinner to try Chicago style pizza and went to bed to leave early the next morning to head up. 

It was a wonderful conference and I can’t wait for the next one! 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my conference experience! 

Conference, Day 2

Friday morning rolls around and I am up and ready to get the day started! I jump in the shower and then get on my fancy dress pants and nice shirt on! We (my roommate and I) are ready to start the day. We go get some yummy star bucks that is in the hotel with us! (SAY WHAT! YES!) Then we are off to have a meet and greet with the owners, president and the home office. We walk in and breakfast is there too! I grab some fruit and we sat at a table and meet some of our clever sisters. The owner comes over and ask us each how long we have been with clever and where we are from. It was great to meet each and every one of the people that came around and introduced themselves. The company is very family oriented and is very positive that anyone that is willing to start with them can make it as far as they can imagine! 
After we met with the home office and the owner we then go into our separate groups for our team meetings. As we walked in we get hand clappers and other papers. We started with an ice breaker because not everyone knew each other. We all wrote down 3 facts about us and then people had to guess who it was. It was really fun to learn about the others that are on our team. Then we did awards! We all got beads for being at conference then for sales and requiting. 

After that we played a guessing game where we had to guess how many beads and buttons. Once we all guessed then the person that was holding the beads/buttons who is at the top of our company explained what each of them meant to her. The buttons are who are directly active and are under her, the beads are everyone under her and everyone else. (see photo below) It just shows that if you have people that truly want to earn an income and work their business then you will be golden. 

It is always good to make goals and a vision board. We all thought of 3 words that we are and wrote them down to post when we go home. I wrote: goal orientated, never give up and persistent. After that we had pizza and a group photo!

We then met with everyone in one of the big rooms and had a welcome party! We received a cookie, pen and clever container note pad. We met with Stepahnie Blaser, President and Jennifer Weaver the co-founder.

We then had a motivational speaker, Vicki Hitges, who was very good! She sure did motivate me to reach out to those that reach out! We also learned how to be better listeners! I feel like everyone needs to listen to her! I have liked her Facebook page and plan on checking back there to get more motivation!

We watched a video of those that received the incentive trip last year and then we got to learn where ours will be for this year! Of course it is at beach and adults only! We can win for 1 or 2! I am hoping to win it for both my husband and I. It would be a great 4 day trip together! 

We also learned where the leadership trip is in February! To earn that trip you have to be a director by the end of December! I am working really hard to be able to do that and maybe extend the trip by one to two days so the hubby can go with me. 

Once we were finished with that we were left to go change to our fancy outfits for awards night! Most people dressed up in dresses. We went back in to the same big room and found orange and light blue pom poms on the tables for all of us! They awarded top sales, top recruits, power sellers, those that promoted and much more! I did not receive an award, so I have made another goal to make that happen for next year! My, my I just might have too many goals!! WAIT NO… You can NEVER have enough goals! 

After the awards then it was off to the reception! There was tons of food, booze and fun! We chatted and made friends with everyone and there were photo opportunities at every corner! 

Once we were finished with the reception we then had a PJ party in my uplines, uplines room! We chatted and played Heads up! Have you ever played that game? Oh my goodness it was fun and entertaining! 

Thank you for reading my blog! We have one more full day of conference that I will write about next! 

Day One, Conference 

Have you ever been to a conference? If you are in direct sales like me, then you might have. Some direct sale companies have annual conferences. It is a great time to meet other people that have the same interest as you. It is also a time to re-energizer you for your business. This was my first year at conference, so I will tell you day by day what I did. It was an amazing experience. Without further delay lets start with the first day:Thursday: I roll over and my alarm on my phone was going off… beep beep beep… I get up and wake up my son and my hushand. I tell them both get dressed we are going to have breakfast before I leave. I get ready and it is literally taking the boys (Randy-husband- and Ethan-son-) FOREVER. I have the car packed, I am dressed, brushed my teeth and I am in the car waiting and waiting playing on my phone. So, I go inside to see what is taking them so long. They are looking for a hat.. a hat because Ethan’s hair is a mess! We decide its not a big deal and we go eat breakfast at i-hop. Breakfast is one of the only meals that we all enjoy eating and can eat together. We spent some much need time together before I was on my way. I drove a few hours and listen to all of my favorite men! Justin, Bruno, Justin, Ed, Jay Z, Sam. I heard new sons, old song and just enjoyed being alone and able to sing out loud! Now, if you know me you might know that I cannot and I mean cannot sign. Not a single tone what so ever! Sometimes I joke around with my son and tell him if he is doing something I don’t want him to then I say now, “do you want me to start singing?” So, if you have ever drove down in Chicago you know there are tolls. Tons of tolls. I had to have about $10 in change for it. There was a lot of rain the week before and leading up to when I left. One of the roads when I was about 20 minutes away from the hotel was closed off. Why was it closed because it flooded! I had to turn around and go down a different street and if you know about GPS then you know it said, “turn around when possible” Well I turn around a few different times then it took me back to the same street and so I had to turn around again and try to find a different way. Once I got to a road that had tons of cars on it, but it was moving! Then I come up and there is water accross the road and everyone was going through it! Now, that made me nervous and gave me tons of anxiety! Since there were cars behind me and in front of me and to the side I could not turn around, so I decided I would go ahead and go through the water! I made it to the other side without getting water in my car and I made it safety! There was only about 15 minutes left of driving. Once I made it to the hotel and parked! The hotel was big and fancy!! I walk up to check in and there are tons of windows. Of course I am looking through them. Then I see someone I know, her name is Julie and she is my upline! (The person who recruited me to start clever container.) I knew who she was because we do zoom’s which is where we can see and talk to each other! I was so very excited to finally meet and talk to her in person! I walked through the door and she met me and we hugged and started talking. I went and checked in with the home office and received a bag and goodies inside! (see photos) I checked in with the hotel and got a room key I took my goodies upstairs and then unpacked the rest of my car. Once I was done I went back downstairs and talked with Julie (my upline) and checked out the clever store. Inside the store there were shirts, products and discounted shirts! I decided not to buy anything yet, but would later. I went back up to my room because I knew that Friday I had to dress up and I still needed to paint my nails/toenails. I was still doing my toes when my room mate showed up and we hit it off! She is a sweet girl.                    We went and got subway and watched Big Brother together. Chatted all about big brother and clever container and how we are excited to be at our first conference together.                  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog more to come!

My First Blog

Hello! I have decided to stretch out of my comfort zone and start a blog! I have done some research and believe it or not on your first blog you need to make it entertaining, funny and about you all at the same time so people will come back! So, about me I am married to my amazing husband for a little over a year and we have an 11 year old son. Randy (husband) and I got married in Destin on the beach! It was my dream wedding for sure. My family was there along side of us to share the special day. Ethan, my son is 11 years old. He spends most of his time with us, but some time he spends with his dad and step mom. Ethan like most boys enjoys being outside, spending time with friends, soccer, and gaming. I currently work full-time as a medical assistant and I am also a senior consultant with clever container. I enjoy doing both, but mostly clever container. We just had our annual conference in Chicago this past weekend. (more to come, will blog about it) I have started blogging because someone at conference said that it was a good idea. While I would not jump off a bridge if someone said that was a good idea I figured… why not blog and let other people know about clever container and more about me. Maybe they can learn something from my life experiences or I can help them in some way. Just why not try stepping out of my comfort zone and start something new. Since I work full time, do clever container and have a family why not add something else to do. I would hope you came on here to learn a little more about me and why I started the blog and hopefully you enjoy reading and will continue to connect and interact with me. If not, then oh well it was worth a shot. If you do though.. you will learn I have a big heart and enjoy helping others. I will be writing for the busy people, the family people, the people that want to get organized, but don’t know where to start. The people that feel just overwhelmed with what do I do next. Take step back and just breathe everything will fall into place sooner or later. My goal is to have others learn about me and connect with me. I want to show the world clever container and hopefully this is just one of the steps in doing so. I know that you have to work hard to get something, so I will do just that! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and let me know if you have comments, questions, concerns or anything you want to hear about.