Thankful November Day 2

Today I am thankful for dolphins. I will never forget seeing the dolphin shows that I have seen and how talented they are! I bet I could watch one every day!

For our honeymoon we swam with the dolphins it was a dream come true!

I love seeing them in the ocean as well! They are super intelligent!

Here are some interesting facts:

-There are 44 different species.

– They typically only give birth to one calf.

– They do not use their teeth to chew.

– They communicate with clicks and whistles.

– Dolphins stay awake for weeks.

– Dolphins call each other by name which are their whistles.

– A super-pod can consist of over 1,000 dolphins.

Thanks for reading! What are you thankful for today?

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Thankful November Day 1

Today I am thankful for the Ocean. Not only is the ocean beautiful and world wide it also has a purpose! The ocean is the Earth’s life support pretty much! It is the number one source of protein for more than a billion people. The ocean regulates our climate, absorbs carbon dioxide, holds 97% of Earth’s water, and supports the greatest abundance of life on our planet.

Photo by Simon Clayton on

My husband and I got married on the beach and it was breathtaking! That day was such a wonderful day!

While not all beaches look the same, they all have one thing in common…. WATER and inside the water there is wild life! I love to see fish, turtles, stingrays, sharks, and dolphins. Did you know that there is a World Ocean Day? It is June 8th every year and it is to remind us why we need to take care of the ocean. Someday I will go to a World Ocean Day event!

So in conclusion you can see that the Ocean does very much for the world and that is why I am thankful for it! Plus, it is a very relaxing place and I cannot wait to live by one someday!

Please share with me what you are thankful for today. You can leave your blog in the comments or you can link it back to mine. I just want to encourage everyone to be thankful every day! Thank you for participating!

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Thankful November

During the month of November I would like to say something I am thankful/grateful for everyday this month! I want to keep it fun and simple. If you would like to join in, please do so! I look forward to reading what everyone is thankful for in the comments or in your blog post.

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Thanks for reading and we will start our Thankful November Day 1 tomorrow!


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