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What is Love?

Love is buying his favorite gummy worms and a soda before a long snow shift. Love is cleaning off my windows when it’s snowed or icy so I don’t have to do it when I leave for work. Love is sacrificing sleep or time to ourselves when we haven’t had much time together due to busy schedules. Love is getting into a fight, then making up and working through our problems. Love is holding your newborn who passed shortly after birth and deciding right then to never give up on anything. Love is taking a horrible first year of marriage and making your relationship even stronger than you ever could imagined. Ryan and I first started dating in March of 2014, and our first date was quite the memorable one. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and were there for over 4 hours, we talked, laughed, watched the St. Louis Blues game, and drank entirely too much. After that it just felt right, we were together 2.5 years before he proposed in quite possibly the cutest way possible. We are hunters and he wrote in a card for me “This buck has found his perfect Doe, Will You Marry Me?”.  We got married on our 4th anniversary of dating. March 24th 2019 will be our first year of marriage. In that first year we have had 4 deaths including the death of our daughter Emma Louise. Just two weeks after our wedding, my last living grandparent, my grandma Joyce passed away. Two weeks after that my husband’s grandpa Harry passed away, sadly 3 months after our wedding our baby girl was born and passed the same day on July 5th, 2018. And then in December Ryan’s grandma Helen (Harry’s wife) passed away after a fall that left her paralyzed. Not only did we have to endure such tragic events, but we had fights, we were trying to grieve, and I know at one point we both wanted to give up. But we knew that we couldn’t do that, we couldn’t give up on us because that would be like us giving up on Emma. We haven’t had an easy first year of marriage, but it has been so worth it. We have not only grown closer together, but grown into better people. We look at things differently for sure, and have a different approach when an argument starts. The love we have grown for each other is unbreakable and as crappy as our year was. I am happy it happened, that’s not to say I am happy we lost anyone especially not happy about losing our daughter. But the bond this shitty first year of marriage has brought will only bring better years to come. I can’t wait to see what year two has to bring, we will be getting the results to our genetic testing in the next few weeks and hopefully trying for baby number two. I love you Ryan and I always will. Here’s to 60 more years!

About the Author:

I’m an Angel Momma, married to my best friend and have a huge love for hockey. I love dogs and being outside hunting, fishing or hiking. Wine and tacos make me happy. I live in workout clothes or scrubs. On the weekends you’ll find me out with friends or family, or at home with a good book or movie. I’m super sarcastic, and extroverted but I also like to be by myself. I’ve learned a whole new side of grieving after losing my daughter and I am here to share it with all of you. Blogging has helped express what is going on, how I am feeling and what’s new in my life. I am glad to have started and I hope that you will follow as well.

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Katie and I used to work together and we grew to be friends. While Katie and I worked together I got to see her through most of these life altering events that happen to her. She has shown so much strength! Your love story is one I will always remember! I hope your second year of marriage bring you more happiness! ❤️

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Love Story-Guest Blog

She waited at the door. Doe eyed. Her white skin glistening against the
white sky, her hair spread in a golden sheet beneath her nape.
He would be here any time now. She pursed her lips at the thought and the
corners of her mouth wrinkled in a delicate smile.
A soft swish and then some distinct footsteps. At 6.30 in the morning, the
sun shot darts of gold across the sky as though to herald his home coming.
The war was over and he had returned home to celebrate their 50th wedding

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Talat Yasmin


Love Story-Guest Blog


Love at First Sight


Photo by: Walnut Street Photography

Love at First Sight

by Alainee Simonson

How it Began!

I’m sure we all remember that moment we first met our significant other. Maybe it was a pleasant experience… or maybe it was slightly embarrassing. You know… too many homemade strawberry daiquiris a friends house playing Cards Against Humanity? Don’t worry, this love story is doesn’t start that way. 😉 Actually, I was just a kid working at a paintball field. When I wasn’t reffing, I worked the register, and Matt frequently came to my counter. Often, I would find myself blushing, and hoping he would come up to talk to me, or get in my line. Young, clueless, but so fascinated by this man (though at the time, he was just a young 19 year old kid).

On a quick break, I would catch myself trying to find him and talk to him. In the morning I would always looks for his car in the parking lot, hoping he was there. Truly, I was infatuated with him. We began conversing more regularly, but mainly at the field. Thus beginning of our friendship, eventually relationship, had began.

The Distance

Now I’m sure you’re thinking we just fall madly in love, get married, and have lots of babies? Yes! But not right away. I was actually seeing someone else at the time, and had no earthly clue what a good relationship looked like. I even remember my mother coming to see me at work one day. Matt was sitting under a pop up canopy, cooling off from playing, and wearing all his gear. I looked right at her, and said, “I would leave *insert name of current boyfriend here* if I could get with Matt. Yes, I know that thinking is so wrong, and that’s a conversation for another post.  To sum it up, I never saw a good relationship growing up, didn’t know what it looked like, and had a terrible fear of being alone forever.

Years had past, and I was starting my career at a legal firm. It was time to put the paintball field in the past. It was an awesome first job, and I loved being able to use the money I earned on the weekend for fun money, but it was time for that chapter to close. Unfortunately, the paintball field was the only place I was seeing Matt. There was a paintball event going on, and I was helping run it and keep score. I spent the day away from where Matt was, and felt nauseous that I wouldn’t get to see him all day… I spent the day distracted, and wondering how I was going to get the courage to speak with him or give him my number (since he had never asked me). The event FINALLY ended. Back down at the main check in, I was gathering my things to head home for the day, but I had to do one more thing. I didn’t know if I would see Matt again if I wasn’t going to be at the field. So… I tore off a piece of receipt paper, jotted down my number, ran to where he was, nonchalauntly handed it to him, and told him to text me sometime.

Unfortunately, it was in front of a group of other players, not how I wanted this exchange to happen, but I did not know if I would get another chance. My heart was racing, I was getting in my car, and spent hours, then days, then weeks, with no message from him, and was crushed. Life went on, and even though I felt sick about it, I went on.

The Mess

Time passes, and I haven’t seen Matt in sometime. I decided to stop by the paintball store, and get some new gear, for myself, and my ex (same one we will discuss throughout this post). Well, would you guess who I ran into? Matt. What was supposed to be a quick in and out ordeal had just turned into hours of talking and catching up, but me acting like I was too cool, and ignoring the fact that I gave him my number for him not to message me. I drug out the conversation for as long as possible. Because once again, I knew once we both left, who knew when I would see him again. Though all that time had passed, he still had the same chilling effect on me. It made it seem as though time stood still. I felt comfortable, and anxious at the same time. I didn’t know what to think.

At this point, I was living in an apartment with my ex. We were continuing to grow increasingly miserable. Our relationship started out in secret, and was purely about lust. Honestly, I don’t think we ever really liked each other that much (which we both admit now) we just were taking the steps on what we thought we were supposed to do. I left the paintball store with thousands of dollars of equipment… and a tugging in my heart that I may not see him again. I sank down and sulked as I drove the 40 minutes home.

Said ex and I ran into Matt and his now ex (then current) girlfriend at a mutual friend’s party some months after that. I was so insanely jealous. I actually tried to take his girlfriend home (a defense mechanism I used to use) in attempt to get closer to Matt. It was wrong, and I knew it.  I was crushed. I just knew we were supposed to be together. But actually seeing him with someone else hurt, which was SO hypocritical…. Since I had a bad case of not knowing how to break up with someone or hurt their feelings. Y’all… Do NOT be like me. If you are unhappy, address it, and if it isn’t corrected, LEAVE.  I even got married to this ex of mine, and when birth control let me down, we had a child. Before we got married, I even said this was a BAD idea, but was guilted into because “what would I tell everyone since I said we were getting married already.” But I will tell you, it would be much better to live with disappointing others, than lying to yourself.

Meanwhile, I knew I wasn’t in love, and I was being treated so poorly. What made me, me, made my then ex husband resentful. I enjoy getting my nails done? Materialistic. Buy a new shirt for work? Shopping problem. Church? Why waste your time with a mythical being? Buy organic? What a scam and waste of money. Everything I enjoyed about myself, and what would bring me joy, made his mad, or bager me, unless it also made him happy. I began to lose who I was, gained lots of weight, became self conscious, and had no life outside of work and home. But I stayed, because I didn’t know any better, and even though I mentioned divorce to him, without a strong family support, didn’t know what to do.

Baby #1

I found out I was pregnant with my son in September 2013. I had mentioned divorce to my ex in the spring, but through another round of his tears, couldn’t bring myself to leave. I had just gone on a vacation to see some family in South Texas, and he stayed behind. This trip was so freeing for me. I was getting ready to finish my Bachelor’s Degree, working on LSAT prep, and was really enjoying my job at the law firm. All of a sudden, my fall semester starts and I feel off. Always sick, just not my usual self. I took a pregnancy test and saw two pink lines. Positive. Oh no. Now I am stuck with. In all actuality, my thinking and self worth was so poor, my first thought was, “Well, if he doesn’t love me, at least my baby will.” Shortly after getting confirmation from the doctor that I was pregnant, Matt came back into my life.

Somehow we connected on social media, and through social media, we began texting. If anything will tell you how flawed my first marriage was, I was completely open about my communication with Matt, and when I asked Matt if he wanted to grab dinner, he said he did not want to step on my ex’s toes, since they had been friends too. MY ex text Matt, and told him to take me out. This. This is when things started taking off. Ladies, let me tell you if you don’t know already. Motherhood changes you. I KNEW I did not want my child to grow up, and see their mother being treated poorly. It was one thing when it was just me, but with a baby, not happening.

Matt began coming over frequently. Mainly to hang out with my ex. I tried to keep my distance, but electricity ran through my body every time he was near. I began to live for Fridays when he would come over. The crazy thing is, he would actually talk to me. Instead of having someone come home, to go straight to their computer, and shove me off. Matt actually gave me the time of day. Before I knew it, my son was in my arms, and I was absolutely in love. I don’t think I ever knew what real love was until I got to hold my child in my arms. To go through life, unaware of what a true, unconditional, love was, is a devastating thought.

When I brought my son home, it was like I was a single mother. Matt was giving us respectful space, but my ex wasn’t interested in helping at all. Never really wanting to hold the baby, talk to the baby, or do things with us, just focusing on himself. Best time of my life was getting to hold my baby in my arms, but unfortunately during this time, I was most miserable in my marriage. Tad wasn’t even four months old, and I left. Before I had done so, I had a phone call with my mother. Crying into the phone that I was in love with Matt, and could not do it. I was miserable. And had been treated poorly for too long. Matt was the one giving Tad attention when he was over, not his father.


The Divorce

By the time I had got the courage to leave my ex. I had started to fall in love with myself. Through my friendship with Matt, I began to see my worth. I began working out when I was able to after Tad. Started eating better. I actually started weight watchers, before beginning with Beachbody and starting my passion as a health and fitness coach. My energy was up, and I started to realize what was the appropriate way to speak to someone. When I had finally asked for the divorce, over the years of a bad relationship I was just done. There was no more energy, and this should’ve happened a long time ago. There were some tears involved, and to this day, we are friends. But looking back, we realize we never should have been together. We didn’t agree on anything, did not have any similar core values, and just made one another miserable. My advice to anyone in an unhappy marriage, or relationship. Evaluate. Is this caused by both parties? What can you do? Why did you marry this person? Do you have the same core values? Can therapy help? Are you in the position for a relationship. If you are unhappy before marriage, a wedding won’t fix things.

The Fall

Through my friendship with Matt, I fell absolutely in love with him. You remember me saying, I didn’t have a life beside my work, and my miserable marriage. Well, after Tad, I left the law firm, was looking for a new job, and trying to get emotional support from my mother. At this point, Matt was very well aware about how I felt for him. He had been a rock, a support system, my best friend. My ex had essentially handed me over to him, and watched me fall. Matt, Tad, and I began spending a lot more time together. Zoo trips, weddings, holidays. Matt was amazing with Tad, and always made me feel like a princess. He listened to me, never made me feel insecure, and would help me feel stronger when I was down.

Matt continuously made me feel beautiful when I was working hard to lose weight. He never made me feel like Tad wasn’t welcomed, and soon, we were welcomed to meet his parents as well; who seemingly both fell in love with Tad, and I. I had not only fallen in love with Matt, but his loving family as well. I longed for a family connection like this, and being around his parents and him made me see what type of environment I wanted my kids to grow up in.


Growing Together

Matt and I had been through a lot in our relationship. Learning to communicate, getting through all of my insecurities and baggage. Allowing myself to become so insecure and push Matt away. Matt was the first functional relationship I ever really had. The first relationship where I allowed myself to have worth. This was an entirely new thing for me to feel loved, and accepted, quirks and all. We would go out on dates, I would get surprise flowers and coffee at work when I was having bad day. Maybe I am crazy, but I NEVER had this before. I didn’t know what to do about it. Honestly, I pushed Matt away terribly on more than one occasion, and it is a miracle he still loves me, and wanted to be with me. But, that is what speaks volumes of his love and commitment to me. Through everything we have been through together, Matt never gave up on me, or gave up on loving me. Honestly, it’s humbling the amount of love Matt shows me daily, and everything we have been through.


Through ups, and downs, breaks, and full on relationships, we never stopped loving each other. I knew I could not live without Matt in my life. I didn’t want anyone else but Matt, and knew threw any hard time, he would be there for me. Period. We moved in together, set up a cute little to bedroom apartment. This was another trying year. Being with someone all the time. Seeing their bad habits, their good ones. Quirks when no one is watching. Who pays what bills, etc.. we fought, made up. But that’s okay. I’ve let go of unrealistic expectations that couples never fight, and have clearer ideas of what an actual fight is, versus a discuss in which we do not agree. I have grown so much over the years with Matt. Into a better woman, wife, mother. I have learned to embrace myself, grow confidence, and learned how to actually be in a relationship. Through laughs, and tears. Late nights, and Matt holding my hair back, and an infant as I puke into a trashcan, this man is my rock, my love, and has helped me love myself.

Then Comes Marriage!

Matt and I had only briefly discussed marriage, but then came baby #2. We found out we were pregnant, and we were expecting our first child together. I was very excited to be a momma again, and Tad was excited to have a little brother or sister. Matt had always told me he would give me a daughter, so imagine my surprise when we found out we were having a little girl, and decided to name her after his mother, Catherine.


During this pregnancy, Matt surprised me one day. I was a hormonal mess one day, and he decided to take me to a nearby arcade to have fun and lift my spirits. Well, to my surprise, we ended up at a jewelry store, and next thing I know I was picking out an engagement ring. That April, we married in the beautiful mountains in Colorado. I planned the entire wedding in a week! Which I won’t recommend, it is quite stressful, but I got it done. Flights booked, hotel, and venue. Forever grateful to Simply Eloped who helped accommodate and help me arrange things on such short notice. Iver, our officiant, Noah, our photographer, and of course our family. Our time in Colorado was absolutely magical.

Matt, Tad, my soon to be in-laws, and traveled to Colorado. My little family by plane, and my in laws by car to pick us up at the airport. We spent almost a week there. Tad’s first time being old enough to experience snow, all the beautiful sights and scenery. We enjoyed all the family outings and lunches, drove around the mountains. It was nice to just get away and enjoy the time together, away from stresses, and home.


Photo by: Alainee Simonson

I had a simple dress, simple shoes that were honestly way too cold for the weather. I had ordered a Star Wars cake topper in lieu of the quirks of our relationship, and star wars obsession. We married on April 16th, and I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect ceremony. Very small, short, sweet. In the mountains. Matt and I blending our family into one whole unit. A day I’ll never forget, and hopefully neither will Tad.

Photo Credit: Walnut Street Photography

After our wedding, Matt would come home each day, and I would want to yell at him, “I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE MY HUSBAND!” The high of being married to my best friend still hasn’t worn off. Now, there are days he drives me absolutely crazy, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to do so. I couldn’t imagine a life not being married to Matt. Married, with an energetic four year old, then three year old, and waiting on the newest addition of our bundle of joy. I was in heaven, and the only thing we needed to complete our family was our little bundle of joy.

Then Comes Baby #2 In a Baby Carriage!

Then came July.  I was incredibly miserable throughout the last half of my pregnancy, but Matt was supportive until the end. When my blood pressure got to high, and they had to induce, Matt was there to calm me, and support me. Tad stayed with his grandmother, and little did he know the next time he saw his momma he would be a big brother. He was such a proud bubba.

Happily Ever After

Our daughter is now 7 months old, and Tad is about to be 5 years old. Each day, Matt and I grow stronger in our marriage, in our relationship, and in our parenting. He supports me, daily, and reminds me to not only love him and our children, but to fall in love with myself daily. He supports my business, where I have found my passion helping women fall in love with themselves, and most importantly, he loves me, flaws and all. To think, two kids who met at a paintball field all those years ago, who had to experience their own struggles in life, only to come together with love, support, and start our own beautiful family. Matt has supported me through many phases of life, starting a business, and in raising our children. By no means are we perfect, but we learn and grow each day, and we are perfect for each other. Don’t settle. Not in your life, your job, your relationship, or on yourself. Big things are out there, you just have to believe it and go for it.

Author Bio:

My name is Alainee Simonson. I am a wife to an incredible man, mama of two. I am a wellness coach and consultant, and I am passionate about others find happiness through a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that being “fit” mentally and physically is at the very core of a happy and fulfilled life. I love trying to coffee, reading, and all things sweet! I am a retired couch potato turned fitness fanatic after the birth of my first child. I knew that my littles deserved a momma who could run, jump, and keep up with them throughout their childhood, and finding ways to keep an active, healthy family, and helping others do the same has become a passion of mine. After going through my own dramatic weight loss journey, I decided I wanted to help others find that same joy and confidence, and became a fitness coach.

On my website,, you can find helpful tools to support you on your own wellness journey as you work hard to achieve the fitness goals you have for yourself.  But mostly, I hope you will enjoy following my life as a wife, mama, and now #mompreneur living out her dream of empowering women to chase their dreams!

I’m nobody special; I’m just a girl who decided to chase her dreams of staying home with her littles and found her passion for helping empower women in the process.

Thanks for being here!



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It just goes to show you never know where you are going to meet the love of you life! My husband and I also had a Star Wars cake topper!

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Love Story-Guest Blog



Why my Son Is my Valentine

Chances are, you probably have a significant other that you are thinking about for Valentine’s Day. When I was discussing with Jessica some ideas, she told me she was going to do 28 days of posts about Valentines, and so my post had to have that as a theme.  I didn’t want to write about what I was going to do with my husband for Valentines this year, well, because we aren’t really doing anything. Not that we wouldn’t like to, if we didn’t have a million things going on including several activities for my Son. But that’s ok, because he is my Valentine.  Here’s why.

The family blood line is short

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m adopted. In terms of blood relatives, it’s just my twin sister and I.  Our mother died in childbirth, and no one knows who our father was. This has obviously shaped my view of the world, and strengthened certain feelings I have.  I thought you should know that before I tell you the rest.

Having kids isn’t easy

My husband and I were in our late twenties when we got married, and were married for several years before we had our son.  But the reason we waited to have kids wasn’t from a lack of trying. Well, we weren’t actually trying to get pregnant, we just hadn’t thought about why I never did.

But after being married for several years, we started to realize we were ready to start a family.  Things were going well in our careers, a lot of our friends were having kids, and we were just starting to settle down. We discussed this, and it seemed to both of us like the right time for us to have a child of our own.

But that’s when it hit us.  For all of the times we had been up to bat, we should have had a hit by then.  We were both healthy, kept in shape, and ate pretty well. Neither of us smoked, and we only drank casually.  Something wasn’t right.

But since we had made our decision to go down the path of parenthood, we knew it was time to get some expert assistance.


We visited with a specialist, and did all of the tests. But there was no clear explanation for why the magic hadn’t happened. It became clear that we’d have to leverage some science if we wanted to have our own child.  

If you know anything about the field of conception assistance, one of the things you can do to improve your odds is through the use of hormones.  

It’s been many years now, so my mind is a little rusty on how this worked.  But if I recall correctly, there was a calendar that we followed, that I assume was aligned to my cycle. And on specific days, my husband would give me a shot, right in my rear.

And it was painful.  I mean to watch my husband fumble around with the needle, trying to figure out the best angle to go in.  It wasn’t fun for either of us.

Whatever it was, I think it was supposed to enhance the likelihood that the puck would drop and enter the field of play, so to speak.

And we did this for several cycles. Over a period of months. But nothing came of it.

Lab Coats and Test Tubes

As I shared earlier, I was adopted. Remember those strong feelings I mentioned? Well, it was important for me to birth my own child. It was worth it to me to pull out all the stops. Luckily, I have a husband who was supportive of this.

If you’ve ever looked at, or gone through the in-vitro process, you know this is where things really get expensive. Like almost $10,000 expensive. And this is also where the stakes go up pretty high.

What I mean is, they’re taking multiple eggs that they’ve harvested from me, and some, well, buddies for the eggs, that they’ve collected from my husband.

I think my husband’s donation process might have been significantly more enjoyable than mine.

Then a decision is made on how big of a party to throw.  Use too few eggs, and your odds of success go way down. Too many eggs, and your odds of becoming Octomom go way up. Remember- I said I’m a twin.  Yeah, that can increase those odds too.

We went with our doctor’s recommendation, which was towards the lower end of the count, but still high enough where the risk of ending up with twins or triplets was there.  

And it was pretty much an all or nothing shot. If it didn’t take, we’d be going through this whole process again from the beginning.


It takes awhile before you find out if it was a success or not.  During that time, I think, based on everything we had been though at that point, we were prepared for disappointment.  I’m sure my husband was already trying to figure out how to save the money to do it all over again if we had to.

Another doctor’s visit, and then we got the news. The first signs of a child had started to form.  We were pregnant!

It was early, and a lot could still go wrong. But, for the first time, we had hope that we might actually become parents.

Pregnancy, birth, incredibly expensive childcare, pre-school, grade school

From this point forward, we were like most parents.  The trials and tribulations of pregnancy. A birth that resulted in a c-section. The shock of how expensive childcare and diapers are.  The incredible cheesiness of preschool graduation, that all us parents just eat up. And so on.

Our son in almost 10-years-old now, and over halfway done with 4th grade.  He’s come a long way since his time in that petri dish. It sounds funny to say that, but that’s where we started.

So why is he my Valentine?

Like most kids his age, he’s a sweetheart.  He’s well-rounded, active, and has lots of friends.  He’s not that different than the other Mom’s kids, but he’s my son. He’s my blood.

My husband and I didn’t just decide to start having kids, we fought a tough battle to get there. And it was important to me to be able to birth my own child.

And when he was born, we just felt so blessed to have such a healthy, beautiful, little baby. It brings me incredible joy to think about everything we went through to have him, and about the incredible pre-teen he’s grown into. And when he gives me his big hugs, my heart just melts, and all of that emotion stirs within me.  

And because of this, how could he not be my Valentine?



Candace is a working Mom. She’s learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work. Sometimes the hard way. Both she and her husband work full time, while raising a relatively normal, if not rambunctious young boy.  It’s tough being a working Mom, but she gets it done 

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*************************************************************************************Candace you are one lucky woman! It brings me so much joy that you go to give birth to your son, your own blood! Something that stood out to me in your story was how you got the puck into the playing field. I smiled super big at that point because I enjoy hockey! I hope you and your valentine had a great day!

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My Love Story

Someone once told me that you have 3 true love partners and I honestly believe that. The last one is the one you will spend the rest of your life with.  He will be the person that brings out the best in you. He will be caring, thoughtful, faithful, honest, and so much more than just a partner. He will be your soul mate. I am with this person now and I can totally see a difference between our relationship and past relationships. 
To get the full effect of this amazing love story you have to start at the beginning of when I first thought I was in love. 
Let’s start in high school. Senior year, I get pregnant with my boyfriend at the time  As we all know, most things in high school don’t last. The one good thing that came out of it was our son Ethan. He is my pride and joy! Long story, short, Ethan’s father is a great father to him, but we are better off with other people. 
My next relationship was with someone I met through mutual friends and we were together for 2 year until my son and I moved into his place with him. We were together for six years. He proposed to me while we were on vacation and I was beyond happy. I thought this person, was my person, but I did not see all of the warning signs that told me that he was not. I was so wrapped up in how long we were already together and how I wanted to start my next chapter in life (more kids), I couldn’t see the warning signs.  One day, I was on my way to work and he texted me that it was over, because we had a fight the night before and he went and stayed somewhere else. We did not really get along and I didn’t see that until the relationship ended. So, that break up was very hard, but taught me a lot about who I am. 
Ethan and I moved back in with my parents and I saved enough money after a year to purchase my own home. I worked on myself and Ethan for a while until I thought I was ready to get back into the dating game. 
I went on a few dates here and there, but nothing really stood out. One day this person messages me and we start to talk throughout the entire day and night. Basically, anytime we could. He wanted to meet right away, but I was still nervous. I remember the weekend we met. I needed to go get a birthday present for my sister and he was like, well, I can just go with you! So, I said fine. We met and went to the mall. Now something funny about this is, my sister just had her first son and was wanting a book on how to make baby food. We went into the book store at the mall and searched around for one. We had a good time in the book store and afterwards we went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was delish! He dropped me off back at home, but I was really not ready for the night to end so I asked him if he wanted to come in.  We watched a movie and even cuddled. The next few weeks we talked and hung out some. We were ready for Ethan (son) and him to meet! We thought that pizza and skating would be the best plan, because it is always fun to have an activity to do when the communication might not be there, since it’s a new person in our life. Randy and Ethan hit it off. They liked each other from the start. Now they are like best friends! Sometimes, now and then, they have “bro days!”

Randy proposed to me on my 30th birthday and we had our dream wedding in June of 2016! I always knew I would get married on the beach, with my closest family there! Randy and I are best friends and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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Love Story- Guest Blog


This is a story about love. It is a story about destiny. It is also a story about online dating and awkward children’s birthday parties.

When I was 25, I was a single mother. I had been separated and subsequently divorced from a man who I married too soon and when I was too young and he was not particularly interested in having a family.

It took a few years to recover from the split. (Divorce is hard, guys.) I took some serious time to better myself and work on getting my life in order.

Finally in a good emotional state, I began to tread the waters of online dating.


There are a lot of truly great people on the internet and involved in online dating. There are also a lot of people who, honestly, just aren’t looking for the same things as you, or have a different method of obtaining the things they do want.

After a few months of unsuccessful dates and disappointing conversations (and a little bit of harassment) I was ready to stop trying all together.

The day I decided to deactivate my online dating accounts, I received a message. It said;

Hi, I’m Adam. (Insert something hopefully witty and charming here.)

I read it. I closed the app. I opened it. I looked at his profile. Nothing but a picture and a location. I closed the app. I opened it and responded to the message.

I’m not sure why. His picture seemed familiar, but I could not place it. There was nothing on his dating profile calling to me, and I was about out of the dating game, but something in me had to respond.

We exchanged messages for a short while, but I had a birthday party to attend. He had an event to get to as well. We decided to talk later.

I showed up later at my cousin’s house. It was her son’s birthday and a lot of the family was there. I, an introvert always, picked a spot closest to the front door as a means to access a quick escape.

Then he walked in.

This guy, Adam, who I had just been talking to was at the same kid’s birthday party. We stared at each other from across the house for a minute in shock. Then we did what any sensible people would do. We ignored each other for the entire party.

I realized that the reason he was familiar is because we had crossed paths a few times already at family events. (No, we’re not related. It’s not that kind of story.) My cousin and her husband are two of his best friends and he had been staying with them for awhile and attending family functions with them.

As the party was ending and everyone was leaving, we finally said hi to each other and acknowledged the awkwardness of the situation, but quickly said goodbye and parted.

We were not great at this, obviously.

It’s okay! Things got better!

We went on a date the next week, and hit things off immediately.  We became best friends and lovers, and nurtured a partnership of respect, affection, and shared interests.  He even met my daughter’s standards. (Tough, if you’ve ever met a five year old.) We knew within months that we would be in this for the long haul.

Now, after five years and the addition of two more kids, we are still best friends who were lucky enough to find love and each other in this crazy world.

Even if fate had to throw us together a few times for it to stick.

Author Bio:

Leslie Karns is an unpublished writer and poet who lives in rural Iowa with her husband and three children.  She has a passion for the arts and her kids think she makes pretty good cookies.


Leslie! This story is AMAZING! I laughed a little when  you said that you two stared at each other and didn’t talk until the end.  That is something, I would totally do too! THEN when you said no, we are not related, I laughed out loud! I was at work reading it and I had to tell workers about it! This kind of #lovestory is beautiful.
I would love to have your cookie recipe since you kids tell you, you make good cookies! 🙂

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Love Story- Guest Blog


I was a freshman in high school when I first saw him. He had shaggy long brown hair and was wearing his signature band t-shirt and skinny jeans. I had long blonde curly hair with braces and headgear but he didn’t seem to mind how awkward or weird I was. I was known for saying ridiculous funny things and he would give me a look of amusement with wow shes ridiculous. We immediately became friends and this boy would give me this look for the next 5 years.

We shared a love of nerdy things. Video games, Supernatural, and Metal music. Eventually, this boy cut his shaggy long hair, traded in band t-shirts, and skinny jeans for work boots and his trades outfit. While I finally got rid of the blonde hair that didn’t match my eyebrows, the braces, and headgear. Our friendship grew over the years and finally, we graduated and the boy decided he wanted to take me on a date.

We went to biggby together and talked about our usual likes and dislikes. We sat outside and drank our coffees I told him how much I loved the fall and going on walks. He listened and told me he would like to take me for a walk. Our conversation became 3 hours of walking, laughing, and sharing. I didn’t want to leave our date and neither did he. For the first time we both noticed each other in a different way I looked at him in the corner of my eye in a different way and he did the same.

From that day we never left each other’s side we spent every day together. We had dates and sometimes we just wanted to be around each other. My best friend without really saying anything became my boyfriend as well. We both told each other that we knew we never wanted to spend a day apart.

I loved his flaws and he loved mine. On my birthday he took me to a fancy dinner and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and knew that he had wanted to the day he took me on our first date. He explained that he had the most amazing best friend for years and didn’t realize that everything he wanted in a life partner was also in front of him.

The boy I met 5 years ago became the man that I love waking up to every morning.

About Author:

Bailey is the Writer of the Resourceful Dreamer Blog. She is now a stay at home mom to a son. She enjoys writing about the things she is passionate about Being a mom, wife, and love of lifestyle topics.

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Bailey, this is a beautiful love story! I think it is great that you both were friends and then lovers. The 3 hours conversations are the best part about getting to know your partner in crime! I hope you and your family live a long and healthy life together!

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Love Story- Guest Blog


My love story isn’t one that’s been filled with hearts and flowers the
past 18 months. There have been a lot of highs but just as many moments
of despair, doubt, and fear. He’s been there with me every step of the
way. I haven’t always appreciated it but I’m learning.

I met Matt in college and it was instant attraction. He worked at Walmart
and I shopped there-a lot. Small town and cute boy, what can I say? We got
married in 2008 and immediately set off on adventures together. I like to
think we’ve always been a little unconventional (we live in an RV now!)
even when we’re trying to do the responsible adult thing. We’ve had
hiccups in our marriage but nothing like what we were going to face in

18 months ago we welcomed the most perfect baby boy into the world.
Weighing 7’3” and 20 inches long, he was a complete angel. And we were in
love from the beginning. I’d say I had the normal “baby blues” after
birth, I cried a lot, felt a few new fears with the baby in the house, but
nothing too awful. When our little guy was almost 2 months, things began
to change. I couldn’t shake these new fears I was having and I began
forming new ones. I became irrationally afraid of things like shoes being
worn in the house. The thought of someone walking in with shoes gave me a
near (or actual) panic attack. I didn’t really want visitors coming over
because I was afraid they’d give something to the baby. I was terrified
for Matt to go to work because he might bring something home. Other things
began popping up and it seemed like there was no relief while I was home
day in and day out with the baby. All I had was time to think. I hoped
this was a temporary thing and I would improve once I went back to work. I
didn’t. I got worse.

I went to a therapist and was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and
depression. At first, Matt, though he didn’t understand, tried to just be
there and ride through it with me. As the months went on, it got harder
and harder for him to understand. My fears were completely irrational—why
can’t I just not think about them? I should just trust him because he
knows what he’s talking about and I’m not thinking straight. Sometimes
there would be ultimatums. My fears about something had to stop if he did
something to “fix” the problem. Unfortunately, anxiety doesn’t work that
way. When you’ve never experienced it, it’s very hard to put yourself in
the other person’s shoes. I just wanted Matt to try but I know now that’s
not an easy thing to do. I didn’t even understand it myself 99.9% of the
time. I didn’t know how to explain what I was feeling or thinking and
instead lashed out and blamed him. He would do the same in return. It made
for some very lonely times for me in what was supposed to be the happiest
time of my life. I’m starting to realize that it was lonely for him as
well though. Suddenly I wasn’t the same person I’d always been. I wasn’t
the wife he’d always known. His best friend that was up for facing any
challenge life threw at me. I was struggling with that feeling of losing
myself. He was dealing with that loss too.

I’d like to say that all this is behind us. I’ve come a very long way but
I still have days where I struggle. Sometimes we fall into the same
patterns of blaming each other and not listening to the other person’s
feelings. I think we’re getting there though. The one thing I wake up and
marvel at every day is that we’re still here. Doing this life thing
together. It’s thrown us a crazy turn or two but neither one of us is
going anywhere. I’m now sure that my husband is the kind that “sticks.”
And I am too. For that, I’m so grateful and blessed.

Dedicated to my forever Valentine, Matt.

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Beth’s story is heartfelt! I am so happy that you got the help that you needed after your son was born. You are right, it is hard to explain anxiety and depression unless you have lived it. Both you and Matt are so strong for sticking together and living life everyday together. I hope you and your family grow and learn together. I have always thought about living in an RV!

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Love Story- Guest Blogger


Colt Sawyer

I never thought I’d be that girl. I mean, I obviously knew I’d love my child but I always tended to give an -eye roll- to the sappy post moms would write about their children.

Love never came easy to me. I grew up in home where love was shown by being called names and being abused. I put myself in relationships that were similar to my home life. That quickly went south and I  just gave up on “love” completely. I never really trusted anyone. There were never really people that I knew had my back 24/7 and truly deeply loved me.

Life was getting tough for me. I was broke, in legal trouble, lost my drivers license, working 40 plus hours a week to never see a paycheck, I spent what little money I did have on partying and alcohol. Which, does not solve your problems. My depression and anxiety were at an all time high and I barely even loved myself. I didn’t take care of myself and I needed to grow up.

Out of nowhere; I decided to move from the town and I had lived in my whole life. A fresh start is what I thought I needed. Everything was going great and then boom, two pink lines. Now here I was, pregnant by a  guy I had barely even been dating. I was lost. I had no idea what I was going to do. This is not what was intended. I refused to give up though.

My pregnancy was 100% the hardest period of my life. I suffered from very bad pregnancy depression, my relationship was not working out like I wanted it to, my dad went to prison, my youngest sister passed away, and my younger brother attempted suicide and became 100% blind.

All I wanted was to stay calm for my son. They’ll tell you a million times that stress is bad for your baby. That’s exactly what I did. Jessica, 3 years ago would have straight up had a mental breakdown. I’m scared to even think about how I would have handled that time in my life if I wasn’t carrying my son. I was still so sad and angry though. That time of my life is still haze to be honest.

Then August 3rd came and my 8lb 8oz beautiful baby boy was born. The best mistake that had ever happened to me. From that moment, I felt the love I had needed my whole life. It’s so hard to explain but it’s magical.

He’s 18 months old now and our love grows stronger every day. He is momma’s boy. He’s helped me grow so much as a person. I’ve become stronger and more patient. I’ve learned to appreciate the love that people give me and not expect some over exaggerated love. I’ve learned to forgive. I’ve learned to smile.

My son came in a period of my life when I need him most. He’s changed me as a person. He makes me have my act together and strive to be the best I can be. He makes me love myself more than I ever have before. He saved my life.  He made my life complete. He will always be my true love story.


A little about me-

I’m Jessica from I’m born and raised in East Texas and I’ve always had a passion for writing and trying to make other people life’s easier! I love being a mom, promoting self care, and crafting. You can check out my blog or follow me at


Jessica’s story spoke to me! I was teary eye by the end and that is how you know you have one amazing story! Thank you for sharing and I hope that you and Colt continue to bond over the years! Boys, are so such momma’s boys, even at age 13. SHHH don’t tell my son I told you.

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Great Dad’s

My husband, Randy made a video for Father’s Day I need to share! It has all of the best dad’s I know. I hope each of them enjoyed their day and I am so happy that Randy is able to save these memories for us in the future. I am sure Ethan (my son), Logan and Owen (my sister’s kiddo’s) will be able to look at the videos he made it will bring a smile to their face!

Here it is! Remember, we went to Anheuser Busch Brewery.


Thanks for reading and watching!

Hope you have a wonderful Day!

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