The Very Best of Virginia

I like Virginia, it’s called “Virginia is For Lovers”. Ironically this is where I found the love of my life! We have been together for 3 years now, and going strong.  


It has a few great things to do; including the beach, mountains, hiking trails, beautiful scenes, plenty of different areas to have parties, and if you love history this is the place for you etc. 


Also, Virginia is a great place because you don’t have to depend on anybody unless you cant drive, you can use your car to go places. However, there are plenty of Ubers and Lyfts you can depend on. 


A beautiful place (and free!) to visit is Maymont park. There is an animal area which had goats, chicken, pigs, cow, and much more you can pet and feed. 


Science museum has great scenes outside and inside to look at and take pictures. 


Lots of malls you can walk around, shop, and beautiful picture opportunities as well. Including this fountain it has turf around where people just sit and relax or read and people watch (my favorite). 


Virginia Beach is a great to get some sun, relax, and walk on the board walk. They all kinds of pizza parlors, shopping stops, and almost 3 mile board walk; that also has a little fair every summer to ride ride’s and eat funnel cakes. 


Virginia always had a new restaurant getting built. We went to a new burger place a week ago and I can give them a 5 out of 5 stars! 


Gettysburg is a wonderful place to view the mountains. Including a get university James Madison University. 


Last but definitely not least, there is plenty of space to have a party. Whether it’s a birthday party, get together, or a wedding reception you count on somewhere to be available.  


Virginia has every season, during the summer it’s hot, fall it’s beautiful and breezy (my fav season), winter it’s cold and snows, and during the spring we have blooming flowers and just enough rain to make the leaves grow pretty. 


I would recommend visiting Virginia!!


Author Bio:


Heyy guys I’m Ashlee from Virginia, and I write a lifestyle blog at I am also perusing my career by becoming a real estate agent, in school now, very excited to start selling houses. I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me for who I am, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him! I love meeting new people, makeup, fashion, food, and anything else that could possibly make people happy! 

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Ashlee thank you so much for writing about Virginia! Sounds like a great place to visit and I hope to get there someday!

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