Book Review: Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul and a Giveaway

One of my goals this year is to read 10 books and do a book review on each one. Ann Marie Ruby was kind enough to gift me this book to do a review for her. It is my first one and I am excited, inspired and I hope to read more of her books!

It is my goal to keep it real and tell you how I really feel about each and every book.

Here is the cover of her book and if you are interested on how she picked the cover she covers that in her blog! How neat is it to hear the thought process on the cover of the book!

This is the summary from Amazon on what the book is about:

What are prayers ? Why are prayers but the sweet songs of a thirsty soul?

Where and when there is no hope, prayers but open the doors to hope. Whether or not one is religiously affiliated, this book is but a hope for everyone. Awaken from within yourself through the sweet songs of a prayer. Within this sacred book, there are one hundred and twenty three prayers I but call Songs.

From the unknown darkness through the first peek of dawn, I waited for an answer to my prayers. Throughout the day, I searched everywhere for an answer to my prayers. I knocked upon all doors until I knew I must open the doors myself. After a long journey through the obstacles of life, for all of you seeking a prayer to find hope within, or to just recite in union with your fellow human, I give you my book of prayers I but call Spiritual Songs.

Where there is no hope, find hope within a prayer. When you are but lost and stranded, hold on to the words of a prayer. When you are being judged by another soul, do remember we are all but the judged.

Hold on to this sacred book as you find within yourself the first sight of hope within the words of a sweet prayer. May we the humans unite within one prayer, the prayer of a human soul. There is only one house and one family where we the humans but belong. This house is the house of prayers, the sweet songs of the human mind, body, and soul, where we but ask, seek, and knock for only the blessed candles of hope.

For all humans, I give my book of prayers to hold on to as you but walk through this life, only to unite all humans within one song, one prayer. I call this book,

Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.


Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul  is a prayer book that takes you on a journey. Each song (which is a prayer) takes you deeper and deeper in your faith through mind, body and soul. This book  let me see God’s blessings in a way I needed. I believe that this book will help each person grow deeper in their faith if they let it. I do recommend this book and highly recommend taking the time to read the behind the scenes of the book too!  As I take the time to do a little bit more reading into Ann Marie Ruby’s blog it helps me see how each of these songs is written by her and leaves you inspired!

Here are the links for Behind the Scenes:

United Human of the United World

Thorns Amongst all that is Good

With or WIthout Any Obstacles

Quick reminder if you are not a spiritual type of person than this book might not be what you need/want. If you are then I do recommend you to get this book, take the time to read it and digest everything it has to offer!

Here are some of my favorites from the book and even my cat buddy liked to snuggle and read with me!

About Ann Marie Ruby

Live in Seattle. Dream vacation, the Netherlands. Believe in dreams, reincarnation, and spirituality.

I am an unknown person who lived the struggles, overcame the obstacles, as I have endured the pain and joy of life as they landed upon my door.

I like to be the unknown face to whom all can relate. I want you to see your face in the mirror when you search for me, not mine. For if it is my face in the mirror, then my friend you see a stranger. The unknown face is there so you see only yourself, your struggles, your achievements as you cross the journey of life.

I want to be the face of a white, black, and brown, as well as the love we are always searching eternally for. If this world would have allowed, I would have distributed these words from my books to you with my own hands as gifts from a friend. You have my name and know I will always be there for anyone who seeks me.


Through my book you shall learn to listen to the unknown truth of this universe, the scientific and philosophical aspects of dreams as well as the religious aspects as all religions have been based mainly upon dreams.You can follow on Twitter: @AnnahMariahRuby, Facebook:/annah.mariah.735 or @theannmarieruby, Instagram: ann_marie_ruby, Pinterest: @TheAnnMarieRuby, or my website: Please take my books as messages from a friend.


Since this book was gifted to me, I want to do the same and gift it to someone else that might need it. All you have to do to enter to be gifted this book is comment on this blog and I will pick someone randomly and once they confirm with me that they still want the book and give me an address I will announce the winner.

This giveaway will end on March 21,2019 at 8pm CST.

You can purchase this book here.

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10 Replies to “Book Review: Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul and a Giveaway”

  1. Enjoyed your review of Spiritual Songs! Sounds very interesting and something I would be interested in reading. Can I borrow the book and get it back to you for your giveaway?

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  2. What a great giveaway, and a thoughtful gesture paying it forward in this way! Good luck everyone, I am sure this book is going to bless the life of whoever receives it

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