February Wrap Up


February was a great month and March is going to be even better! Why, because it is ALMOST SPRING AND WARMER WEATHER IS ON ITS WAY!

I will write in red for my goals achieved and/or might not have achieved, but working on.

Blogging goals:

1. Make a #lovestory series with other bloggers for the entire month of February.

I learned doing a full month series is hard work, but it is also something I enjoyed. Not only was I able to read about other people’s love stories. I got to get to know other bloggers on a more personal level. I plan on doing another #lovestory next Febuary, so if  you are interested, please reach out.

I also plan on doing 1-3 series with guest bloggers each year and 1-3 for myself too. Currently I am doing #blogsofdogs and its a photo challenge where I post my dog’s photos every day this month and everyone else can also post their dog and link or comment with their blog post.

2. Do a book review.

I am currently reading 2 books, I was just going to read 1 and then do my book review, but for some reason I started 1; lost my kindle so then I started a paper back book. So, in March I am hoping I will get 2 book reviews out.

3. Post a blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I did get to do every Monday for Music Monday, but I did not get to do every Wednesday and Friday.

4. Get more blog friends on twitter and Instagram.

I for sure got my twitter blogger friends! Instgram… not so much, but I did get a few!

Personal goals:

1. Go through all clothing and get rid of everything that does not fit. Too big. Too small. Should I do an inventory and make outfits?

We have 2 dressers and a closet. I have gone through 1 dresser of clothing, but the top and bottom drawers are “junk drawers”, so I want to go through those get rid of 1 dresser. I did not do that this month, so maybe next! I think it is because we had less days in February or am I just making an excuse, I don’t know. HA! HA!

2. Read at least one book this month. My goal for the year is 10.

I read over 1/2 on one book and about 1/2 on another. So, yes I read, but I did not finish the book.

3. Drink less soda, more water.


4. Work out for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, maybe more!

The first part of the month I did great! Then I did a work out that really worked my lower back and I hurt it, so I could not work out, doctors orders! The last part of the month I did great though! So I will consider it a success since I did work out when I could!

5. Less junk food, more healthy!

I did this! It works best when you plan meals ahead of time!


February was a successful month in blogging! I work full time as a medical assistant (40+ hours a week) and I feel like I might have over did my goals for the month of February. Be on the look at soon for my March goals! I am hoping I will make better goals and will be able to achieve all of them!

Thank you for reading!

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