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Fairy Tale Love Story

I always loved fairy tale stories.  I always dreamt of being a princess and finding my prince. Little did I know in early June 2007 my fairy tale would begin!

It was just when online dating was just beginning. I was a single mom to 2 little kids. I had my hands full so dating was sort of difficult. I created my online profile, mainly for chatting in my spare time. One evening I heard that ding on my computer and thought, ‘Oh great, another weirdo that I will just ignore’… but this profile was different! This picture caught my eye! Something told me to respond.


About the Author
I am Candace, wife to Mark and mommy to Will, Emma, & Madisyn. I am a stay at home mom, and this is by far my most valued ‘job’ that I’ve ever had! I enjoy our crazy, busy, hectic, chaotic amazing life! I am also known as soccer mom, chauffeur, chef, merry maid, dog walker, doctor, nurse, friend, dishwasher, organizer, & now blogger! Join me and my family in this journey as we experience the good, the bad, the ugly, & the debatable!


Candace this is one of the first love stories I have heard of people actually keeping a relationship that have meet in different states! I am so happy for you and Mark. 12 years and 3 kiddos is something to be proud of now!

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