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I met my son Kayden in 2014. He came to visit the classroom of the school I worked in at the end of April/very beginning of May and while his parents did a tour of the school him and I sat at the table to do a puzzle. He was a timid polite young boy. He was the absolute cutest kid ever and he was expecting a baby sister. On his first day of preschool he wore a red polo and khaki shorts. I remember him coming in so confident and ready to start school for the very first time.  I told his parents ” I got him but I need you to say goodbye give him a hug and quickly go out the side door, call as much as you want and I will keep you posted all day long, he’s going to do great” When his mother and father left of course he cried but I sat with him. Together we played legos and we talked about his baby sister and how fun it is to be a big brother. He was eager  to know  the new things he would be learning at school. From that point on we clicked. I was his teacher for 3 years. He graduated August 2016 and at that time I also chose to move on with my career. I never imagined I would be spending the rest of my life being a stepmother to him and his sister along with having my own daughter and now a one year old baby girl. Throughout life we are told that everything happens for a reason. I certainly believe that my son and I came into each other’s lives for a reason. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be a mom to four AMAZING beautiful kids and I wouldn’t have met my soulmate(his father). I know I could have written about how my husband and I met and our love story but the one between my son and I is so significant. My son has gone through many transitions in such a short amount of time and through it all he has remained strong, loving, and gentle. Becoming a stepmother was like 2nd nature to me. Im not perfect and it is not easy at all, but I love every second of it. I can’t picture my life without my children. I write about my son because through times that i’ve felt lost and have wanted to give up he has called me just to sit with him even if its in silence. My son has made me feel like more than just a step mom but has really shown me the love that a mother and son can have. His presence has given me purpose through times I have felt worthless. We all struggle as mothers and we question ourselves constantly if we are doing the right thing and the times that I get an unexpected hug, or a kiss all of the questions go away. He is an amazing little human and out of all people I am blessed enough to call him my son and to watch him grow. I may not have given birth to him and I have accepted a lot of what comes with being a step parent but he never makes me feel like just a “step mom”
So lets fast forward to him being 6 years old when my husband and I got married. He was ecstatic and so happy about it and couldn’t wait for us to be a family. Directly after my husband and I were married I moved in and we begin our life as family. I immediately took on the mom duties of the house. We were very consistent and routine. I believe it helped all of the kids feel better about the transitions going on around them and they all adapted very well. My son and I connected through music. We would show each other new songs and listen to them really loud early in the morning on our ride to school. Every time he likes a new song now we listen to it together and sometimes even discuss the lyrics. We are now going two years of being a family and I cant imagine my life any different.  I love my son with all my heart and  thank god every day the god put him, his sister and their father in my path.
I love all my children but I chose to write about my son, because of him that I fell in love with being a mom especially after constantly questioning myself as a mother to my 1st daughter. Because of him I found my soulmate and fell in love with his father who is one hell of husband and father. Everyday he reminds me that I am doing this mom thing right. Him and his sister may not be my biological children but between them and their sisters they make my heart so full.
About the author:
Mjmamaa is a working mom of four, wife and writer. She’s been writing since a young age but through blogging about her life, marriage, parenting and music she has found a huge fulfillment in life. She’s been married for two years and a lot of her blogs are influenced by her every day life and the support of her husband has made it possible for her to have the time and space to write. Before using blogging as a platform mjmamma used to write in her “black book” but always felt like she could be doing something greater with her thought and ideas. Through blogging she’s been able to reach a wide audience of moms, women, and music fans which has been nothing but amazing. Eventually she hopes to venture deep into the world of music and really capture special moments with artists, music festivals, and the amazing things the artist of yesterday today and tomorrow can bring to this world.
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Wonderful story Mjmamaa! Being a mom is a blessing! It is great to hear a story about being a step mom because sometimes those moms are overlooked, but are also so appreciated! My son has a step mom too and she is a wonderful step mom to our son. I don’t thank her enough for being the mom when I am not there.

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