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It started on the day of a concert I’d been waiting for. I invited my sister a couple of months before, so I called her on that evening to ask where we would meet. Her tone was surprised “Concert?”. And with that, I knew that I didn’t have anyone to go with. It took my half an hour to convince myself to go anyway, so I got dressed.
When my mother came to check on me she was furious. No wonder, I was barely wearing anything, just leather shorts and a band tee. She forbid me from going out dressed like that.
So I waited until she went back to her room, then hurried outside. I walked to the city center in heels, so by the time I got there my feet started hurting. I sat down at a bench, as the concert was still half an hour away. Then I got a call from my sister, inviting me for a glass of wine.
So I went. She gave me a few bottles of cider as well, just enough to set the mood, then sent me on my way.
Now, my established rules were:
-No drinking
-Don’t accept candy from strangers
-Don’t drink from an open bottle
-Don’t walk home, take a taxi
As soon as I got to the concert I sat down on a couch and started drinking. I was nervous, I hadn’t gone out alone before. Rule number one broken.
That was when I saw a group of friends. Just 3 guys, nothing special, but they looked funny, so I tried getting involved with them. Although, one of them stood out.
They were fun, we joked around until the band actually came on stage. Then one of them offered me candy. Just ’cause he had a couple in his pockets. And being a slightly tipsy teen I gladly accepted. Rule number two broken.
The concert went great, and I knew that I had friends I could go to if I felt awkward. As we were dancing to the music someone from the crowd extended their hand towards us, which had half a bottle of beer in it. I gladly took it, quickly emptying the entire thing. Rule number three broken.
Then after everything ended and we got our autographs, they convinced me to walk home, because we lived in the same area. Rule number four broken.
Two of them reached their home before me, but one walked me home. Just to make sure I’d be okay.
We’ve been together for 10 months now, and whenever someone asks why I don’t obey the rules… I just think back on this occasion. Because if I had not acted the way I did, I might not have met the love of my life.
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Well that is a story that you do not hear everyday! Thank you for sharing it with us! What a gentleman walking you home! You now have a new rule- to not follow any rules at all!

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