Love Story-Guest Blog

Wuv. True wuv. (Bonus points for knowing that reference) 
It’s February again, and love is in the air. There are several different types of love. Agape love, philia, brotherly love, pragma, long-standing love, even philautia, love of self. 
What is your favourite kind of love? 
I always thought I knew love. I love my parents, my siblings, I love God, and I definitely love my husband. I them them all so much, and I remember saying to my husband, I love you like I’ll never love anyone else. 
That statement is true. It is a different kind of love and I thought it was impossible to love someone more. 
Until one night, November 22nd, I realized I was dead wrong. 
So many people grow up dreaming of having children. I was no exception. When my time came, I read to my belly, rubbed it, sang to it, talked to it. I remember thinking how much I was going to love my baby girl. Again I thought I knew what love was.
Then she was born. I looked deep into those eyes and I was instantly hooked. I felt like I could watch her forever. No matter how much she was covered in  goop! 
It’s been two whole months now, and I still tear up every time she smiles, and when she cries I want to cry. I want to watch her forever and never miss a second. She’s just the perfect little being. 
As much as I thought I knew was love was,  I never knew what a maternal love was. My mother always said “it’s a different kind of love,” but I never paid heed. Until my little girl was born and I realized I will never ever feel such a love for someone else that aren’t my kids. It’s a whole different kind of love, and no matter how much I love my husband, we both agree, it’s the beet kind of love. 

About the Author:

Breanna Park is a 24 year old first time mom of a little girl. She is a job coach for adults with autism, an ESL teacher, and is a blogger.


Breanna you and your mom are so right, a mothers love is a different kind of love. I have a thirteen year old and while some days it is hard with him, I still love him no matter what. You are going to love watching her grow into a young woman. Each year is different and you will show and love her more and more each year.

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