RSO- What Does That Mean?

Do you know what RSO means? If not, I will tell you… READY SET ORGANIZE! When you sign up with clever container you get to earn free products and business supplies during your first three months! 

The very first month that you actually sign up is not your first month that is your enrollment month. So, when thinking about signing up with clever container time has a lot to do with it! You will want to do it in the beginning of the month so that you pretty much have two months to work on getting your first months rewards! 

If you sell up to $600 you will receive the first RSO, but if you sell up to $1,200 in your personal volume (not shipping and not tax) then you receive the second RSO too! Which also includes catalogs and order forms! You can never have enough of those! 

These rewards are amazing for just working your business! 

Thank you for taking the time to read. 

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