Conference, Day 2

Friday morning rolls around and I am up and ready to get the day started! I jump in the shower and then get on my fancy dress pants and nice shirt on! We (my roommate and I) are ready to start the day. We go get some yummy star bucks that is in the hotel with us! (SAY WHAT! YES!) Then we are off to have a meet and greet with the owners, president and the home office. We walk in and breakfast is there too! I grab some fruit and we sat at a table and meet some of our clever sisters. The owner comes over and ask us each how long we have been with clever and where we are from. It was great to meet each and every one of the people that came around and introduced themselves. The company is very family oriented and is very positive that anyone that is willing to start with them can make it as far as they can imagine! 
After we met with the home office and the owner we then go into our separate groups for our team meetings. As we walked in we get hand clappers and other papers. We started with an ice breaker because not everyone knew each other. We all wrote down 3 facts about us and then people had to guess who it was. It was really fun to learn about the others that are on our team. Then we did awards! We all got beads for being at conference then for sales and requiting. 

After that we played a guessing game where we had to guess how many beads and buttons. Once we all guessed then the person that was holding the beads/buttons who is at the top of our company explained what each of them meant to her. The buttons are who are directly active and are under her, the beads are everyone under her and everyone else. (see photo below) It just shows that if you have people that truly want to earn an income and work their business then you will be golden. 

It is always good to make goals and a vision board. We all thought of 3 words that we are and wrote them down to post when we go home. I wrote: goal orientated, never give up and persistent. After that we had pizza and a group photo!

We then met with everyone in one of the big rooms and had a welcome party! We received a cookie, pen and clever container note pad. We met with Stepahnie Blaser, President and Jennifer Weaver the co-founder.

We then had a motivational speaker, Vicki Hitges, who was very good! She sure did motivate me to reach out to those that reach out! We also learned how to be better listeners! I feel like everyone needs to listen to her! I have liked her Facebook page and plan on checking back there to get more motivation!

We watched a video of those that received the incentive trip last year and then we got to learn where ours will be for this year! Of course it is at beach and adults only! We can win for 1 or 2! I am hoping to win it for both my husband and I. It would be a great 4 day trip together! 

We also learned where the leadership trip is in February! To earn that trip you have to be a director by the end of December! I am working really hard to be able to do that and maybe extend the trip by one to two days so the hubby can go with me. 

Once we were finished with that we were left to go change to our fancy outfits for awards night! Most people dressed up in dresses. We went back in to the same big room and found orange and light blue pom poms on the tables for all of us! They awarded top sales, top recruits, power sellers, those that promoted and much more! I did not receive an award, so I have made another goal to make that happen for next year! My, my I just might have too many goals!! WAIT NO… You can NEVER have enough goals! 

After the awards then it was off to the reception! There was tons of food, booze and fun! We chatted and made friends with everyone and there were photo opportunities at every corner! 

Once we were finished with the reception we then had a PJ party in my uplines, uplines room! We chatted and played Heads up! Have you ever played that game? Oh my goodness it was fun and entertaining! 

Thank you for reading my blog! We have one more full day of conference that I will write about next! 

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