My First Blog

Hello! I have decided to stretch out of my comfort zone and start a blog! I have done some research and believe it or not on your first blog you need to make it entertaining, funny and about you all at the same time so people will come back! So, about me I am married to my amazing husband for a little over a year and we have an 11 year old son. Randy (husband) and I got married in Destin on the beach! It was my dream wedding for sure. My family was there along side of us to share the special day. Ethan, my son is 11 years old. He spends most of his time with us, but some time he spends with his dad and step mom. Ethan like most boys enjoys being outside, spending time with friends, soccer, and gaming. I currently work full-time as a medical assistant and I am also a senior consultant with clever container. I enjoy doing both, but mostly clever container. We just had our annual conference in Chicago this past weekend. (more to come, will blog about it) I have started blogging because someone at conference said that it was a good idea. While I would not jump off a bridge if someone said that was a good idea I figured… why not blog and let other people know about clever container and more about me. Maybe they can learn something from my life experiences or I can help them in some way. Just why not try stepping out of my comfort zone and start something new. Since I work full time, do clever container and have a family why not add something else to do. I would hope you came on here to learn a little more about me and why I started the blog and hopefully you enjoy reading and will continue to connect and interact with me. If not, then oh well it was worth a shot. If you do though.. you will learn I have a big heart and enjoy helping others. I will be writing for the busy people, the family people, the people that want to get organized, but don’t know where to start. The people that feel just overwhelmed with what do I do next. Take step back and just breathe everything will fall into place sooner or later. My goal is to have others learn about me and connect with me. I want to show the world clever container and hopefully this is just one of the steps in doing so. I know that you have to work hard to get something, so I will do just that! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and let me know if you have comments, questions, concerns or anything you want to hear about.

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